28 Things I Quit In Life (And Am Absolutely Happier Because Of Doing So)

Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey

1. I quit my program in school that wasn’t teaching me the things I truly longed to learn about life.

2. I quit my engagement that wanted me to be a wife and Mother.

3. I quit my job that asked me to remove my boundaries that protected my self-worth.

4. I quit many relationships that asked me to stay stuck and enable toxicity that limited my growth.

5. I quit buying things for people because I’m expected to.

6. I quit being responsible for anyone else’s feelings and needs that were not my own.

7. I quit swallowing everything that was being fed to me by the news and media.

8. I quit being ignorant to what we are doing to this planet, the animals on it, to ourselves and to each other.

9. I quit buying into the fear that is intricately woven into our belief system since such a young age.

10. I quit needing to fix people who didn’t need to be fixed and instead focused on why I did that in the first place.

11. I quit worrying about what anyone thought of me because I now know it is only a reflection of how they see themselves and has nothing to do with me.

12. I quit trying to help people who weren’t asking for help or trying to show people things I saw when they walked around with their eyes closed.

13. I quit the notion that I am broken and imperfect because no matter where you are in life – I now know, it’s all perfect.

14. I quit the pain-pattern that was engrained in me since childhood and started finally believing – I’m not my pain.

15. I quit enabling people who fed their demons with my love.

16. I quit allowing men to touch my body who couldn’t connect heart-to-heart and who refused to see and feel my precious soul.

17. I quit my act of anger and learned to dig deeper and love all the parts that were hurting.

18. I quit being quiet when I needed to use my voice.

19. I quit needing to explain myself to anyone.

20. I quit trying to numb my deep emotional responses that are always on high alert.

21. I quit being terrified that I am different and instead I forge forward in my difference to create needed change.

22. I quit saying yes when I wanted to say no.

23. I quit the illusion of having control.

24. I quit following the rules when it no longer made sense to do so.

25. I quit letting anyone think for me and learned the importance of questioning everything in order to be able to fully think for myself.

26. I quit trying to make myself feel anything different than, whatever it is in that moment, that I am feeling.

27. I quit being a follower and instead blaze my own trail.

28. I’m quitting the way the world expects me to be. TC mark

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