How Healing Will Eventually Set You Free

Catherine McMahon
Catherine McMahon

Not too much sets my heart ablaze more than seeing someone’s gifts, someone’s beauty and also being able to watch while they tap into it all. They do this by learning how to heal the limiting feelings and emotions that stand in the way. They do this by not settling for anything less than truth.


In themselves and in the world around them. I feel people might think, when they hear the word – healing – that this means from heartache that follows the loss of a relationship. It can be, sure. But when I speak of healing I’m talking about dealing with heartache and the loss of relationship, with self. I’m talking about peeling away all the layers of BS and conditioning that we’ve found ourselves in.

Everyone has their own story.

Their own pain.

Their own suffering.

The biggest challenge for us to take on is to face these things within us. To face oneself. To face the pain and suffering we carry around in us. Sometimes without even knowing. We can end up in these little boxes that living life, inadvertently creates. We live small when we are meant to live big. From our hearts. In our hearts. Not from ego. Nor in fear.

We live in such a fear-based, ego-driven world that no wonder we have such great pain and suffering.

For no peace or love thrives by living in the contribution needed to succeed in, or live with, these things.

We experience loss, battle with who we are, what people think we should be, what society says we should be, our career moves, trauma, death – some of us, if not most of us, start off with painful childhood experiences and the list goes on.

We carry scared hearts, wounded souls, bodies that have had enough and we suffer greatly as a result.

What is all this pain and suffering for? How it’s been created is one thing but the fact that it exists within, is to present to us the craziest, weird-ass gift, you will ever open. Believe it or not – this weird-ass, gift – is for our personal, emotional, and spiritual, growth. Unfortunately the easy shit does squat for our growth. It keeps us complacent, compliant, and comfortably numb. The easy parts of life leave us un-watered, unfed and pretty much left for death.

We die sometimes before we ever get to truly live.

Some of us live our entire life just barely surviving let alone experiencing what its like to live.

To thrive. To heal. But life isn’t meant to survive or to sit still by trying to do so. It’s meant to flow. Move forward. When we embrace the thought that pain and suffering is a means for growth – it shifts our perception and the experience of being human. This is the starting point. The real work comes with healing this stuff so it no longer leads to death but rather becomes a contributor to – life. To growth. When you see all my posts that talk about – healing – this is what I’m actually talking about. Getting thru all that limits us from being what we are at our core.

Healing is dealing with all that ails us, emotionally. We must take charge of our healing. Every post I make is ultimately me speaking about parts of my healing. It’s such a difficult concept to grasp and the process is not a short one. If what I’m saying makes sense to you – welcome – what a crazy ride eh? If none of this makes sense to you, please keep listening to that voice inside you that keeps telling you something needs your attention. Something isn’t right. Something needs to change. That’s your soul speaking to you. Trying to get your attention to listen. The universe has a plan for you and your inner self know this. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense yet. Keep listening anyway. Keep trusting it will.

It absolutely made no sense to me at first. I felt isolated, different. I was continuously tested by others who attempted to keep me believing I was weird, an outcast – that I didn’t belong. But trust. It will. I see it start to make sense to people – EVERY – SINGLE – DAY. I read the following quote at a pivotal point in my life where I was questioning my sanity and it was an AHA moment of belief I chose to carry with me. A reminder for the harder days…

“If you feel you do not fit into this world – it’s because you are here to help create a new one” – Author Unknown

So profound – yet so simple. That statement alone created a huge shift inside me. I cried. A lot. I realized my purpose. The pain and suffering started to finally make sense and I became so grateful for it’s experience. It grew me into the warrior of love and light I am today. For once you walk THRU the fire, you realize you ARE the fire – and that NOTHING can burn you again. Fire will then only help your light to burn brighter. So don’t tap out when things get rough. I promise you that the rough, is just the beginning – it’s the entry point to the fight of your life. The fight, you must win! Victory WILL set you FREE.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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