The Truth Is, He Loved You Sincerely, But Temporarily

Ioana Cristina Casapu

Sweet girl, don’t ever think that he didn’t love you, and what you both had wasn’t even real. Just because he left you, or he replaced you, or he gave up on you just for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean he didn’t love you truly. No, please don’t ever think of it that way.

Just remember everything you’ve been through together in a positive way, love.

Think of all the good morning and good night messages he sent to you, trust me, it was all from the deepdown of his heart. All the time you blushed just because he stares or glares at you, just remember how much he’s amazingly inlove with you from those kind of moments. Everytime he tells you you’re beautiful, just remember how true it was as he said it to you with sincerity in his eyes. Everytime he introduces you to his family and friends, just remember how much he’s proud to have you. Everytime he surprises you with small gifts, small time and efforts, just remember how much he thought of giving the best for his love. Everytime he checks out on you or asks about your day, just remember how much his concerned with what you’re feeling everyday. Everytime he says that he miss you, just remember how much he wanna be with you. Everytime he tells you all about his life, his self, his past, his problems, his thoughts, and everything that he feels, just remember how much he trusted you. Everytime he plans his future and shares his dreams with you, just remember how much he wanted you to be part of his future— for that time. Everytime he treats you in his favorite coffee shop or in your favorite “pig-out” fastfood restaurant, just remember how much money he spent without regrets just to make you, his girl, happy. Everytime he goes to spontaneous adventures with you, just remember how much he loves to feel exhausted as long as it’s with you. Everytime he spends lazy days at home or days going out with you, just remember how much he wanted to spend every minute with you. Everytime he hugs you, be it hugs from behind or super tight hugs, just remember how much he don’t wanted you to let go. Everytime he kisses you, be it on the forehead, cheeks, hand, or tenderly on the lips, just remember how much he made you feel loved. Everytime he mentions something that bothers him or something that he doesn’t want for you or he didn’t want you to do, just remember how much you’re special to him and just wants his baby girl safe and secured all the time. Everytime you’re on happy days together, just remember how much you made him happy because he is spending the happiest hours of his life with his bestfriend, his love, the girl of his life. Everytime he speaks to you about his promises for you both, I hope you don’t think that he lied. Because everytime he tells you not to leave and he loves you so much, it was real, so real— for a limited time.

But sweetie, I hope you also know that you’re too good to let bitterness eat you and not to accept the way things happened or should be.

I know he has his reason why he left you, why he stopped loving you, why he chose someone or something over you, or why he gave up on you, maybe for one reason, or two, or lots and lots and more reasons that’s why somehow you couldn’t find a simple reason in yourself to believe in him even though you used to love him and trust him. But sweetie, I hope you also know that you’re too good to let bitterness eat you and not to accept the way things happened or should be. I hope you have a wide perception and understanding on all things, especially on people that you once loved. Yes, maybe you’ll never understand now, you’ll never understand the things that are happening right now, you’ll never understand why the guy who made you feel so loved just hurt you unexpectedly, but when you know how to accept things, just look forward for the best, and let things be, maybe you’ll understand later on.

He doesn’t stay, and you had this chaos of what you both had wasn’t real but no, it was all real, but temporary. Embrace all the pain, the heartache, the melancholy you feel, in a very very positive way. Instead of immaturely hating him, thank him for another lesson he gave you, another blessing he brought to you in making you a stronger woman than before. A stronger woman that can’t only make herself better but the best, the best for the best that she deserves. Also, just hope for all the happiness and the best that he deserves. It’s time for you to grow up for yourself and learn from everything that life throws at you. Be happy for him, be happy for you. And always remember you are worth it, and will always be worth it, just like everything that’s happening now, it’s all worth it and all gonna be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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