I Hope You Treat Her Better Than You Treated Me


It’s been a month now since the day that we broke up. But still, our memories together keeps on hunting me. The good old days that we had, remembering how happy we were, and how much you were in love with me, and how much we were in love with each other.

The bad days that we had that keeps me hoping, hoping that we can still fix this just like how we fixed the problems and the small arguments we’ve had and been through together from the past months, hoping that we’ll get through this together, hoping that we’ll be better for each other, hoping that we’ll still grow up together, hoping that we’ll still continue our dreams and plans together, hoping that it’s still us, that maybe it’s still you and me in the end.

Maybe memories will always be the only comeback that’s real. So real that they should stay in the past because I know it’ll never happen again. Because everything’s different now, maybe you, too, are different now. That’s life, isn’t?

People change. Feelings change. Yeah, it’s all about change and you should know how to deal with it. And you, the “us”, I need to let go of it.

Lastly, I hope you’ll keep all of this, all of everything that I said here because I want you be happy. You know that’s what I always have wanted for you because you deserve the best, love.

So I hope you learn from this and bring it to your next relationship. I hope you’re already sure of her, please don’t give up easily on her, I hope you’re already ready for her, please be patient enough to accept her and all her flaws, try to understand her no matter what, don’t leave her, take care of her, make her your last, and of course, treat her right, respect her just like how you respect your mom and sister, wait for the right time and, control things.

Please be a man, grow up and have some balls to know everything that’s right to do and stand up for her. Put in some effort and time not only for her or for you both, but for her family also, so they can easily get comfortable with you and so you can assure them that their princess will be safe with you, anytime, right?

Love her truly and deeply, and make your relationship with God in the center of your relationship, too, of course. I hope you have the courage and be a man enough to do all of this to your girl.

Everything’s worth the pain when it’s with someone you love. Maybe when you’re really ready, or you’re already sure of your girl, or you’ve matured and you’ve become man enough, and you’ll risk everything to be with her, for her, for the both of you and your relationship. And maybe you’ll understand more of what I’m trying to say. That’s how loving someone you really love works and happens.

And I hope you know that if I let you go, I hope you’ll think that it’s not just for me or for the pain to stop, but my top reason of doing that will be for you, yeah, always you. God knows how much I love you and how I am sure of you because you know I always choose you. Don’t ever think that I don’t love you anymore.

Maybe that’s how real love goes. People are meant to fall in love with each other but aren’t meant to be together. That maybe not all people are meant to stay in your life. That’s how much I love you, too, I love you so much that I will let you go so nothing or no one will bother you anymore. You can do whatever you want without thinking of me. And if nothing stays, you know I am always and will always be happy for you. You know I will.

I learned so much from you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. And always remember that I loved you so much and you’ll always be the best… but I guess only for now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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