These Are The 3 Sexiest Zodiac Signs

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1. Scorpio

Let’s be real, Scorpios are kind of scary. They will sting you as fast as they say hello. But there’s no denying there’s something kind of hot about them. A Scorpio is full of mystery, and it’s intriguing if not a little frightening. They’re passionate and full of sexual energy. They are best at showing love through sexual expression, which means they are dynamite in the bedroom. Though they suck at commitment or dealing with literally anything when fully clothed, a Scorpio is absolutely bringing you to orgasm every time. They suck at communication, but they’re great at oral.

2. Sagittarius

The ultimate flirts. Literally beware of a Sagittarius because they will steal your crush without even meaning to. I don’t even think they realize they’re doing it.  They just have an ability to make everyone they talk to feel special. Like, wow, I can’t believe that Sagittarius said hi to me!  They have super high libidos and get turned on easily. Being with a Sagittarius is always fun and steamy.

3. Pisces

Is there a zodiac sign more into the idea of fantasy than a Pisces? I doubt it. They are so creative and dreamy. You always know when you meet a Pisces because there’s something special about them, this indescribable quality that just makes you want to be around them all the time. Like Sagittarius, Pisces are naturally flirty. But they’re also incredibly warm and kind. They want to make whoever they’re with feel taken care of and appreciated. They’re lovers, in all sense of the word. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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