19 Text Messages That Will Keep Him Thinking About You All Day

Twenty20 / @dimove

1. “Everything you do turns me on.”

2. “Hey, I really like you.”

3. “Have I told you how incredible you are?”

4. “I feel so safe with you.”

5. “I can’t stop thinking about your arms.”

6. “Good god, you’re attractive.”

7. “I had a dream about you.”

8. “I don’t think you even realize how sexy you are.”

9. “I feel so lucky whenever I’m with you.

10. “I wish you were here right now.”

11. “I can’t stop thinking about the other night with you.”

12. “Can it be tonight already?”

13. “You make me feel so good. I want to return the favor.”

14. “I’m crazy about the things you do.”

15. “No one has ever made me feel the way you do.”

16. “I’m so into you.”

17. “What can I do for you tonight?”

18. “I’d do anything for you.”

19. “You’re my absolute favorite.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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