11 Amazing Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

The Switch

1. You get to bypass the awkward getting to know you part. Because you already do.

2. They know all the nitty gritty details of who you are – including the less than glamorous stuff. No secrets you need to fess up to. They know it all. Even some of the stuff you probably wish they didn’t.

3. They also know the smaller details, like your exact coffee order or the movie you watch whenever you’re feeling under the weather. It’s like you share some psychic wave-length that other couples take months, even years, to achieve.

4. You likely already share the same circle of friends so merging groups isn’t an issue.

5. You’re comfortable being your total authentic self.

6. Date nights double as quality time with your BFF.

7. You probably already know each other’s families, so you don’t have the nerves associated with “meeting the parents.”

8. You have just as much fun laughing and being goofy together as you do in the bedroom. (And you’re also not afraid to be goofy IN the bedroom)

9. Hardships are more manageable because you face them as a team.

10. You’re good at getting through fights because you’ve already tackled them as friends.

11. You have a partner for life. And a relationship that is built on more than just physical desire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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