This Is How You Love A Sensitive Woman

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Love her when she’s worried her softness means she isn’t strong. Remind her how powerful gentleness can be. That she doesn’t need to be loud or ferocious just to prove something. Her vulnerability is a gift. Some warriors are delicate. Some warriors never even raise their voices at all.

Love her when she’s caring for others. Appreciate her soul, how it wants to help and hurts when it realizes there are some things she can’t fix. Soak in every moment she sees an animal or child, that twinkle in her eyes. Feel yourself coming more alive as she experiences the world. Her perceptiveness, her intuitiveness. Learn from them. Admire them.

Never make her feel guilty for needing time with things. Don’t call her crazy just because things affect her differently than they affect you.

Listen when she needs to vent. She keeps so much bottled up inside, it can feel like she’s carrying the weight of the world. Let your shoulder be a place she can rest from time to time.

A sensitive woman does not need saving. Always remember, she doesn’t need you. But she wants you. There’s an important difference.

Love her with that knowledge.

Love her for the kindness that radiates off her every limb. Love her for the way she sees goodness and light even where there is none. Love her for the way she tries and tries, and sometimes fails, but tries nonetheless.

Love her for all of that, and so much more. Love her for everything she is. Because a sensitive woman will love you with such genuineness, such devotion. She deserves that kind of love too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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