8 People Discuss What It’s Really Like When You Have Sex With Your Best Friend


1. “Awkward af. We were drunk and horny, but beyond that, nothing was there. I think we were both aware what we were doing was a bad idea, so things just felt clumsy and weird. Our relationship never fully bounced back. We’re still friends, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get the image of him sweating on top of me out of my head.”

— Mickey, 27

2. “One person got attached. One person didn’t. Everyone got hurt. I don’t recommend it.”

— Lisa, 24

3. “Our situation might have been unique in that everything really worked out. It was like a flip had been switched and we both realized we had more than just platonic feelings for one another. We’ve been together for a couple years now and I’m so glad we made the jump from friendship to something more.”

— Paul, 21

4. “Don’t do it. You’ll effectively ruin the friendship for mediocre sex. Not worth it.”

— Katie, 22

5. “It was okay. I’d had a huuuuuge secret crush on my best friend for years and built it up so much. The actual sex was a bit of a let down and things were weird for a few weeks after. Luckily, we bounced back and our relationship was (almost) normal again. But overall, it was pretty average.”

— Simone, 24

6. “It was fantastic. It was the first time I felt so close to the person I was fucking. He already knew me, like, really knew me. Even though the term ‘making love’ is kind of cheesy, that’s what it was. I was intimate with someone who loved me, all of me.”

— Viv, 24

7. “It was good, but a little weird. The weirdness didn’t necessarily make it not good. Does that make sense? I don’t know. It’s like, this person is your best friend. And suddenly you’re doing things with them you DEFINITELY didn’t do before. It’s kind of trippy. But I liked it.”

— Jorie, 27

8.“Happened super spontaneously and if either of us had thought about it more, we probably would have decided not to. I don’t know. It was in the moment and we went for it. I don’t think either of us regret it. I hope not.”

— Aidan, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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