16 Incredible Things That Happen When You’re Finally With ‘The One’

The Office
The Office

1. You aren’t hiding a single part of yourself. You get to be you 100% of the time. And you never feel pressured to try and be anyone else.

2. You’ve started to feel more confident about even your worst insecurities.

3. You’re not trying to compete with anyone. You’re not concerned about who is getting married or having babies, or which couple looks the best on Instagram. You’re happy for anyone else who seems happy.

4. You’re able to look back on past relationships and understand why they ended. But it’s not any hateful way. You’re just able to see why nothing before felt like this.

5. Your dreams and passions are supported and you feel even more capable of achieving everything you set your mind to.

6. You don’t mind waking up as much. Even if you’re not a morning person. Because it means you get to start another day with your soulmate. And that’s something to get out of bed for.

7. The future starts feeling a lot less scary.

8. Nights in sweatpants on the couch are just as exciting as drinking the night away in a seedy club.

9. Nothing is off limits for you to talk about. You’re allowed to be unfiltered and raw.

10. You’re consistently brought to orgasm. (barring any exceptions for medical reasons)

11. You worry less about impressing people.

12. You actually start planning for the future. And again, it’s not scary.

13. You feel safe when they are with you.

14. You grow more appreciative for all the blessings in your life.

15. Even the most boring things like grocery shopping or going to the DMV somehow become fun.

16. Your gut, heart, and brain are all in agreement. This is it. You’re finally without doubts.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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