This Is How You’ll Lose Her After Taking Her For Granted

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You thought she would never leave you. You thought she would always be there. You thought she would love you forever. She promised to stay no matter what. You thought she would always stay, so you ignored her – didn’t bother to ask whether she was okay or not. You took her for granted and made her believe that you did not care for her.

When she finally walked away, that’s when you want her back.

You tell her how much she needed you, that after a few days, she’d eventually come crawling back to you. You wait patiently for her to return, holding onto the belief that she will never truly leave you.

Days turned into weeks and she still hasn’t returned.

You get angry at her for ignoring you and demand that she returns to you at once so everything could go back to how it was before. You decide to bring up all the sacrifices that you made for her and tell her she should be grateful that you stayed with her in the first place. You bring up all her flaws and mistakes and attack her. You shout and pull at her to return to your side, but she refuses and it leaves you stunned.

You beg for her not to leave you and promise that you’ll change for the better, but she doesn’t believe you because you have broken that promise many times before. You cry and tell her that you can’t live without her. You ask for forgiveness. You send her gifts and sweet messages to try and win her heart back, but it’s too late. She’s locked it away along with all her feelings for you.

It finally sinks in that she’s not coming back.

You stare into space looking back at your relationship and wondering where you went wrong. You realize how badly you treated her and it will be your biggest regret. She’s not answering your calls or receiving your messages anymore.

You give up and decide to love her from afar. You watch as she laughs with her new boyfriend and wonder if he will love her better than you ever did. You wish you had taken better care of her. You have never wanted anyone back so badly, but it’s too late.

She decided to give her love to herself instead of you because you took her for granted.

Now, you are stuck with the idea of the future you would have had if you loved her better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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