Why Unrequited Love Is Sometimes Better


When people talk about unrequited love, they usually associate it with pain or sadness. Well, I’d be a hypocrite if I was to say that it isn’t true. But you see, there is something about it, something about unrequited love that makes me think it actually is better than having the person you love feel the same way about you.

Do I sound sort of masochistic here? – I do not think so.

So here’s to my unrequited love:

It’s really funny how until now, it is still you who I think about during the wee hours of the morning. It still is you who enters my mind whenever I watch those romantic flicks. The way that I had to keep it to myself, you know, this feeling of wanting to be with you, it’s just driving me nuts. It always saddened me to think that you have, in fact, given your heart to someone else. Shameful as it is to me, I must admit that I felt abused whenever I give in to your pleas and do you favors even though I didn’t want to. But deep down, I knew there was no one else to blame but myself. There will always be that flutter going on about inside my stomach when I see you from afar or whenever you are near. With this, I resolved to stop whatever it would be that was trying to surface. I could be sentenced with attempted murder for having tried killing those butterflies (Ha ha!). To cut it short, I have implemented a restraining order, blocking out any feelings I may have for you.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it is with deep conviction that I must say that unrequited love is just as rewarding as having your significant other love you back in return.

From afar, I learned how “love”, despite its intangibility, is able to well up inside a person’s entire being. I felt like a millionaire with having so much love to give but there was nobody to receive it. It was like when Gatsby was hosting extravagant parties in the hope of Daisy showing up one night. All I wanted to do was to give, and give, and give although there was also this voice which was intermittently yelling for something back in return.

A green beacon was beaming towards me from a far distance. All the other lights, I have forgotten.

It was then that I realized that if there was one thing that I learned from that unrequited love, it would be that the first person who would be truly deserving of my passion is me. In the midst of my fondness, I have lost sight of the brightest light that I should have given attention to. I was blinded by the blaring green at instances when I should have strengthened the flare that I was giving off.  I learned to love myself genuinely and focused on my happiness first. It was then that I realized my importance and as well as that of the other people whose lights I should have heed: family and friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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