Here’s The Unedited Truth About Both Of Our Presidential Candidates

Flickr / benjamin sTone
Flickr / benjamin sTone

When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t wait to vote for a president. I always loved politics, even at a young age. The idea of voting for the President of the United States was so cool to me.

Now, I’m 20 years old and I have to say, I am extremely disappointed that this will be my first presidential election; I think their are many more millennials who feel the exact same way as me.

I have done everything possible to try and rationalize who the best candidate is, and the answer is neither. Everyone of you who will comment on this status will try and convince me that your candidate is the best, but the truth is, neither candidate is right for us.

For the Hillary supporters: stop being naive. One thing I do agree with Donald Trump is that she very well may be the most corrupt person to ever seek the office of the president. I have watched for the last few weeks scandal after scandal take a toll on her campaign. It seems like there is something new every other week. To try and rationalize that this is just the Republican Party trying to marginalize her is absolutely ridiculous. She is ruthless and will stop at nothing; look what she did to Bernie Sanders who quite possibly could have beaten her. I wish he would have.

While James Comey found no grounds to charge her yesterday, this still doesn’t diminish the fact that Hillary cannot be trusted and has no moral authority to speak on anyone’s behalf. The idea of having the first woman president is amazing to me. However, the historical significance if she wins will be overshadowed by her reckless and criminal behavior for a majority of the nation. Wake up.

For the Trump supporters: you don’t get a pass either. Trump has time and time again shown his true colors as a disgusting man who doesn’t understand the struggles of the African American community, the Latino community, and can’t seem to comprehend why his remarks have been offensive towards women.

It shocks me that his comments are dismissed as nothing more than “locker room” talk. Trump supporters need to stop being ignorant to the fact that he’s more than just a product of Brooklyn, New York and part of the baby boomer generation. He’s brash, yes, but even more than that, he is reckless and careless with his words. Don’t be fooled because you then look just as bad as the Hillary supporters in my opinion. He is not the savior of this country, he never will be with his rhetoric.

For my final thoughts: I think the rise of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a reflection of where we are as a country and society. We give a pass to a narcissist. We give a pass to corruption. We give a pass to sexism in the name of making a statement. We give a pass to total corruption in the name of continued progress.

Tomorrow, we will vote for a new president, but neither will put us on the right course. It’s disappointing to me. Like everyone else, I will be voting tomorrow; I’m aware of my choices, I’m aware of the consequences. I have made my decision. I urge everyone to vote tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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