Remember These Three Things If You’re Thinking About Giving Up On Your Dream(s)

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We hear so much about dreams throughout our lives. Not the ones that you have when you’re asleep, but rather the ones that you carry in your heart; the ones that are with you, and especially when you are most alive.

Some children grow up being told to dream – that their dreams may come true. But many children grow up being told not to dream at all – the enthusiasm of childhood is taken away from them. Too often as adults, we too become non-dreamers. The world takes a lot out of you by the time you start to grasp adulthood. And your dreams seem to be slipping from your grasp, day by day.

If you’re thinking of giving up on your dreams, remember the following:

Remember your why(s). Everyone, I think, needs a why. Without a why, the road from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be, becomes even more difficult to follow. The days are longer and the nights are darker without a why. Sometimes our whys change, and we ought to know that is okay. But when you have a why, the dream can be kept alive. And if you don’t? Maybe it’s okay to find some new dreams. But whether your dreams are old or new – never lose your why(s).

Remember that you are not alone. It’s been said a thousand times and it might need to be said a thousand more – but nobody achieves anything on their own. Nobody succeeds without someone giving them a break, a chance; some hope. It’s easy to forget that we do not achieve alone – we achieve because of others and we achieve with others. So ask for help, with humility and strength, and never stop asking. Of course whenever you can, help others too.

Remember that the biggest failure is worth more than never trying. Here’s the thing: Do you believe in your heart that you’re doing your best? That you’ve done your best? We always know when we’ve given something our all. We just always know. And if you have truly given 100% of all you are and you failed anyway, know that your failure is sometimes worth more than a success that didn’t have as much fight, as much hope, and as much courage. And above all, know that you will go to the grave braver than most – saying that at least once in your life, you truly tried for something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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