16 Signs You Have A “Healthy” Addictive Personality

Contrary to popular belief, addictive personalities are not just for those who may be fighting hard battles with substance abuse. Nor does this post intend to make a pejorative out of that struggle. But there are a few of us who have “healthy” addictive personalities and it presents it’s own set of struggles.
Flickr / Runar Eilertsen
Flickr / Runar Eilertsen

1. You can be very rigid about your schedule to the point where you will drop everything immediately if you realize you’re about to be late to a workout class. Is it a life or death matter? No? Then it can resolve itself after spin class.

2. You often find that you have to go against the grain when you’re hanging out with your friends if you’ve got something on your mind. “Sorry guys, I can’t go to the next bar because I have an early run tomorrow…” which is often met with eye-rolls and cringes.

3.  And even though all your friends become accepting of you being “that” person in the group, you sometimes also use it as an excuse to peace out of the night early even when you don’t need to.

4. If you must attend something that conflicts with your regular workout schedule, you make every effort to either do double duty on the day before or day after. Or you work your schedule around on the day of to include a work out…even if it means waking up at 5:00 a.m. to do so.

5. When you discover a new exercise or workout format that you love, it’s both awesome and frustrating because now you have to try to find a way to incorporate it into your weekly schedule…which is already jam-packed.

6. People who love you hate you the most when you are in “training season” because they pretty much can’t get you to break your daily plans at all.

7. And traveling, however much you love it, presents its own nightmare. Because sure you might be able to work out some, but it involves extensive preparation, planning, and sometimes baggage fees.

8. When you go through changes in eating habits, you take no prisoners. When you say you’re cutting out alcohol, you’re done with it. If you’re done with refined sugars for a period of time, you will spend all the $$$ to ensure you get whole, healthy substitutes.

9. Speaking of $$$, you might save a hell of a lot of money by preparing your own meals but you will go ham at the grocery store buying natural, organic, local, etc. products, which when you look at their prices, sometimes feels like a punishment for your choices.

10. You have never left a health food store without feeling both accomplished and emotionally scarred for the awesome foodstuffs you got. And the damage you just did to your bank account.

11. And when you do eat out, you will pay however many extra dollars you need to for your food to be locally sourced, farm to plate, etc. Which will earn you the name “bougie” from people but eh, whatever.

12. If you fall in love with a food/health blog or food/health culture that you’re going to try, you give your heart, soul, and entire life to it….until you fall in love with the next one.

13. You flirt almost every day with the idea of starting your own health blog of sorts. But then you wonder if that will make you even more obsessed and what that would look like. More importantly, you wonder whether you’ll have time to keep up with your lifestyle AND document it.

14. Once you learn how to make a new “healthy” meal or drink, you try so many different renditions of it, you become sick of the whole thing entirely. And then you can’t consume it for sometimes months or even years.

15. “Days off” are an internal struggle between doing what you know is best for your body and thinking about all the potential workouts you could be doing.

16. You know that as borderline obsessive you can become with “health” things, you have to keep it in check by also “letting go” from time to time. But luckily if you ever let go too often or for too long, your health addictive personality will snap you out of it sooner or later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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