16 Emotional Struggles Of Being A Lover AND A Fighter

There are lovers and fighters; lovers who do not fight, and fighters who do not love. And of course there are those who choose not to choose. And because of that, must walk a fine line between the two, leading to daily emotional turmoil. Here are some of those emotional struggles:

1. You’re not afraid of conflict. In fact, most of the time you relish the opportunity to have debates. Because to you, argument is an art form when it is done properly.

2. But you don’t get into arguments for argument’s sake. You like to distinguish between good arguments and bad arguments. And you avoid the latter at all costs, even if that sometimes means escaping conversations altogether.

3. You’re the friend everyone turns to when they need someone to back them up or when they feel bullied, tormented, or intimidated. And they know that you’re not afraid to bruise an ego or two in their defense.

4. But you’re also the friend that you know will challenge your friends to do better, even when they get upset with you. Because you know that everyone needs a little tough love from time to time.

5. You feel really strong as a person and you know you can “take” a lot. But at the same time, you also live in the mind of someone who can unexpectedly take small things to heart.

6. Even when you’re hurt or rather especially when you’re hurt, you would rather put on a brave face than show any pain. Which of course, is not necessarily a good thing.

7. People don’t always understand that when you’re done fighting, you’re actually done. No need for passive aggression, or to bring up the past. You’d much rather let it go and move forward.

8. When you like someone romantically, it’s rarely ever a mild crush. You fall head over heels and usually begin the anguish of analyzing and overanalyzing everything they do, and everything you do in relation to them.

9. You genuinely don’t understand romance that is passive. To you all romance is active, even when quiet and subtle. And no matter how few and far between it may seem in existence, you still believe in it.

10. You often find that people describe you to others by pointing out that they’ll love you when they really get to know you. But if they don’t know you, you can come across as a little intimidating.

11. Sometimes you feel like you have to “tone it down” a little when meeting people because you don’t want the intensity of either side of you to come out too quickly. (Lest you scare them away!)

12. But as intense as you might be when others are around, you keep a greater part of your intense moments to yourself. Or between close loved ones who know how to let you just be.

13. You engage in things and with people that have vastly different perspectives than you, which sometimes enlightens you. But sometimes it leaves you emotionally worked up.

14. You’re in a complicated relationship with this thing called, “vulnerability.” And you have a feeling that you probably always will be.

15. Of all the quotes about lovers and fighters, this is the one you identify with most strongly, “I’m a lover and a fighter, who will fight for what I love, lovingly.

16. Co-existing between being a lover and a fighter may sometimes make it hard for people to understand you. But that’s okay, you like keeping people on their toes ever so often. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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