25 Underappreciated Things Adulthood Feels Like

Uptown Girls
Uptown Girls

1. Adulthood feels like eating a healthy breakfast, a packed lunch, and coming home and eating the leftovers you made from last night’s dinner. Or maybe having breakfast for dinner once in a while simply because you can.

2. Adulthood feels like spending less time with the people you don’t care for, and spending more time with those you do.

3. Adulthood feels like drinking hot tea on a Friday night or staying out till 5 a.m. But doing either of these because you want to, and not because you feel like you have to.

4. Adulthood feels like taking responsibility for your feelings, thoughts, and actions. And sometimes refusing to take responsibility for other people’s feelings, thoughts, and actions.

5. Adulthood feels like not defining yourself by the numbers in your bank account. But as much as you can, being responsible to your financial commitments.

6. Adulthood feels like filing your taxes early as opposed to 48 hours before they are due, simply because it makes your life easier.

7. Adulthood feels like making commitments, signing your name on dotted lines, standing by and for the things that you believe in, and for the people who you love.

8. Adulthood feels like forgiving and forgetting without naiveté, but with sincerity and a strong heart.

9. Adulthood feels like getting canceled on last-minute whether by a friend or a significant other, and accepting that little disappointments happen.

10. Adulthood feels like avoiding being the person who cancels on others last-minute. Because you know how much you hate that.

11. Adulthood feels like losing cares and worries about the things that you can no longer control, whether it’s the past, or how long till the pizza guy takes to gets to you.

12. Adulthood feels like realizing that not everyone you like and love or simply want to get to know, feels the same way about you. And not resenting them because of it.

13. Adulthood feels like being able to stand on your own two feet. But always reaching out and asking for help when you get a little unstable.

14. Adulthood feels like being courteous to the people you don’t like or at the very least, keeping to yourself in their presence.

15. Adulthood feels like ordering your favorite drink, and being able to tell whether it’s been made the way you like it or not.

16. Adulthood feels like letting go of toxic friendships, romantic relationships, and anybody you can choose not be around.

17. Adulthood feels like meaning what you say and saying what you mean.

18. Adulthood feels like saying what needs to be said. But also listening, and sometimes finding silence to be the best thing you can choose.

19. Adulthood feels like no longer concerning yourself with silly things like if you’re cool or popular or in some imaginary “in” crowd. But but being whoever and with whomever you enjoy spending time with.

20. Adulthood feels like not worrying anymore about whether people love the you, you love. But being accepting that some will, and some won’t.

21. Adulthood feels like being able to say no to yourself in the short-term so you can say yes to something that is better in the long-run.

22. Adulthood feels like just not giving a fuck about certain things anymore and finding that it is not out of carelessness or tiredness. But rather a certain kind of freedom that let’s go of unnecessary burdens.

23. Adulthood feels like gratitude and empowerment for the place that you’re in right now, with respect for your past, and hope for your future.

24. Adulthood feels like being able to live in the grey – the space where things aren’t black or white, right or wrong, yes or no; and having the courage to be okay with that.

25. And hopefully adulthood feels like never ever losing that little child inside you that still believes in miracles, in loving fearlessly, and in beautiful tomorrows. Who knew? Sometimes adulthood feels wonderful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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