50 Crucial Questions Every Woman Needs To Ask Herself Before She Turns 25

At 25, the concept of a “quarter-life crisis” has inundated the young adult masses. Sometimes received with humor, and other times viewed as somewhat of a pejorative and leading to self-deprecating puns. Notwithstanding life-altering events that may occur at any age, ages that have a 5 or 9 tend to cause people to go through a mental re-check (and sometimes to do some Carpe Diem sort of things). Although we often say life is short, and in the grand scheme of things, it is, life is also long. It is quite literally the longest thing you will ever do. And at 25, you’ve lived a quarter century – that’s a big deal. And maybe some self-reflection before then is due.


1. Am I living a life that I am content with?

2. What, if anything, would I change in my life immediately if I could?

3. Do I have a group of people who support me emotionally and mentally?

4. Do I have at least one person in my life who will always give me the brutal honest truth about myself?

5. Have I accepted my childhood for what it was?

6. Are my content with the relationships I have with my family?

7. Have I come to see my parents as people with hopes, dreams, and flaws?

8. Have I forgiven my parents for their mistakes?

9. Do I think the little child I was would be proud of who I am today?

10. Do I know how to reconcile my past?

11. What is my relationship with my regrets?

12. What do I want for my future?

13. What is my outline or plan to get where I want to be in the future?

14. Do I know how to live in the present?

15. Am I happy with who I am as a person?

16. Do I know my flaws?

17. Do I acknowledge the best parts of me?

18. Am I living the healthiest way possible in all areas of my life?

19. Am I satisfied with the body I have, outside of cultural expectations for what I should look like?

20. How do I define beauty?

21. Do I know what my fundamental beliefs are?

22. Am I comfortable with what I believe even in the presence of those who disagree?

23. Does who I am as a person reflect those beliefs?

24. Do I spend time with people who have different fundamental beliefs from me?

25. Do I actually like and respect the people I spend time with?

26. Do I know how to be alone?

27. Am I happy with myself regardless of what my relationship status is?

28. Do I know what I am looking for in the person I want to be with/or am currently romantically involved with?

29. What am I willing to compromise for someone, and what I am not willing to compromise?

30. What do I want my love story to be?

31. Do I give enough of myself and what I have to those I love?

32. Do I look for change as a way to try something new or to escape situations I don’t want to deal with?

33. Is my living space and situation what I want it to be?

34. Am I in the city or town that is right for my life currently?

35. What is my relationship with money?

36. Does how I spend my money reflect who I am or who I want to be?

37. Am I overall satisfied with my job?

38. Is the work I am doing currently a job or a career?

39. Am I learning the skills and building the relationships I need?

40. Do I know how to network in a way that is mutually beneficial?

41. Do I give back to my community or the world at large in some shape or form?

42. Do I care about large issues that affect society in general, and why or why not?

43. What are some basic perceptions or principles I use to view the world?

44. Do I believe I have a purpose on this earth?

45. Do I see others as having a purpose on this earth?

46. How do I accept my losses and wins?

47. Am I stuck?

48. What can I control and what can I let go of?

49. Am I grateful?

50. Am I open to life? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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