This Is How You Deserve To Be Kissed


First things first, your kisses should always be meaningful. There should always exist an anticipation of the moment that is about to come, no matter how short or long the wait is. The longing should be felt by you and by the person who attempts to want you. But it should never be a longing that comes from desperation or loneliness or fear, or even boredom. No, this longing should always be filled with wonder, honesty, and an expression of a desire to make you feel beautiful. This is how you should be kissed.

Some kisses should be gentle and soft, declaring a subtle sensuality from the mere touch of your lips. Other kisses should be strong, almost rough, as they dominate all your senses, and all at once. Yet still there are kisses that should cause you to feel breathless, almost in need of escape because you’re so consumed by the other person. And indeed all these kisses should leave you satisfied yet wanting more. This is how you should be kissed.

With eyes closed, and your heart racing but also wide open. Shivers running down your spine. Goosebumps all over your body. Your nerves getting the best of you, and your mind completely unaware of everything and everyone but the person in front of you. Not a single other care in the world. No frustrations anywhere to be found. And with every moment, without even knowing it, your soul is invested in each breath. This is how you should be kissed.

Your face should be caressed, and your hands should tremble. The hair at the back of your neck should be raised. And at times there should be laughter between kisses. And at other times, there should be yearning. And ever so often, passion should sweep every particle of your being. The feeling of being lost and found, and wanted and desired, all at once should take over you, unapologetically. The only sorrow is that these affections will be one moment in time. This is how you should be kissed.

Your kisses should leave you vulnerable. They should leave you weak. But they should still always leave you feeling brave. Because for a kiss to be good, and not just good but spectacular, the promise of forever isn’t needed; but the promises of the here and now and the all of you, between the two of you, is irreplaceable. Your kisses should leave you happy and hopeful, and always believing that anything is possible. This is how you should be kissed. And you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Because this is how you deserve to be kissed. This is how you deserve to be loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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