27 White People Confess What It’s Really Like To Commit A Crime As A White Person

Dave Chappelle taught us why every Black person should have at least one White friend. It’s funny because it’s true in a world where “comedy,” as they say, is “tragedy plus time.” (Yes, I know Jon Stewart said it last night.) As we all surely know by now, Black people in the USA and White people in the USA do not always (see: rarely) get treated the same way by the authorities, least of all the police. After last night’s decision to not indict the officer in the Eric Garner chokehold case which led to his death, parts of the country erupted in protest – online and out on the streets.

There is an African proverb that I often find myself repeating since I’ve lived in this country, and have observed the way it’s legal and “justice” system works: “Corn can’t expect justice from a court composed of chicken.” If you’ve ever had any doubt that White privilege is real and not just something people say to piss you off, reading tweets from the Twitter #CrimingWhileWhite will certainly erase those doubts.










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