23 Things You Don’t Need To Do To Yourself Anymore After Age 23

1. Be afraid to speak your mind because you think you’re too young or people won’t take you seriously. You’ll always be too young to someone and some people will always condescend you because of it.

2. Believe that the world owes you success or the fulfillment of your childhood dreams. It doesn’t quite happen like that, and you’re going to be sorely disappointed if you think it does.

3. Spend time with people you don’t like because you think you have to. Outside of work or maybe familial obligations, there’s no reason you need to suffer through this anymore.

4. Rocking the boat unnecessarily just to prove a point. One sign of maturity is knowing when to respectfully disagree, and knowing when to simply remain silent. Not every pain in life must turn into a world war.

5. Treat people less respectfully and lovingly out of familiarity or callousness. Being young and perpetually sorry gets old really fast.

6. Blame yourself for the things you probably learned from your upbringing. There’s no reason to carry that weight on your shoulders.

7. Believe that your parents are somehow still entirely responsible for the way you turned out. Never forget that your parents are always growing too, and they’re bound to make mistakes along the way.

8. Feel the need to be one of the “cool kids” by doing things that are popular but not good for you in the long-term. Let that high school mentality go, and fast.

9. Not thinking about the future of your financial health. There are FREE services that could help you get in good shape. Yes, you may be broke and/or not earning nearly as much as you’d like, but get smart with your money.

10. Wear shoes that you find uncomfortable simply because they are cute or in-style. It’s no longer worth it to suffer through foot pain for the sake of fashion.

11. Wear designer clothes or wear anything really, just because it’s in vogue currently. Dress comfortably, dress for your body type, and remember style remains while fashion fades.

12. Try to keep up with the high school version of your body (when most of us didn’t know how good we had it). Your metabolism is probably still in tact but don’t abuse it. And always remember you can still be in terrific shape if you make the effort.

13. Go on several-day drink binges. You don’t need to drink all the alcohol you can drink. In the end, it’s a lot of time and productivity wasted.

14. Keep up with your bad sleeping habits. Everybody needs a different amount of sleep time. But sleep is good for your brain and body, and a lack of it eventually always catches up with you. As my mother always says, “You can’t cheat Mother Nature. She always collects in the end.”

15. Letting little things eat at you. Whether it’s an unanswered text, a misinterpreted gesture, a fashion faux pas, don’t sweat the small stuff. And a good percentage of things that have the capacity to irritate you are more than likely, small stuff.

16. Be ignorant of the world around you because “it’s just too hard,” or apathy might be easier. You don’t need to change the world, but you can can affect those around you positively.

17. Believe that all the world’s problems are solely yours to resolve. It’s very easy to be defeatist if you’re aware of the world around you. But as the saying goes, “It’s better to do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.”

18. Compare your life to those around you, whose lives you will only mostly see through the prism and perspectives they want you to. Rest assured that everyone suffers in their own way. It’s not a reason to be gleeful, it’s a reason to be kind.

19. Believe that half-assed love is better than no love at all. No, that is not true regardless of what you might see around you. Accept the love that you want and believe you deserve. And don’t forget to give that love too.

20. Feel like you can only be content and happy when you get to a particular place in your life. As you get older you’ll realize the struggle is what is fun, beautiful, and worth it.

21. Rush to feel all grown up and like you need to have everything all figured out. Life will never be perfect and you will always run into things that you need a little extra help with.

22. Take without giving back. Whether it’s to those who love you the most or to a network you may have built, everyone notices the person who isn’t reciprocal. Always offer to help without expecting anything in return.

23. Dislike the person who you were or are. You have free will and choices, not to change the past of course, but to change the here and now. And you can, and sometimes you absolutely must. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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