17 Innocent But Incredibly Sexy Things Guys Do That Make Girls Melt

Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice

1. When they have a half-smile, half-smirk on their face like they know something you don’t. And you wish they would just tell you what it was already.

2. When you’re in the middle of a conversation, and they focus on looking at your eyes and you think they can see straight into your soul. And all of a sudden you feel like the most vulnerable person in the world.

3. When you’re really mad at them, and they start talking in a very soft, soothing voice to get you to calm down. And then you start to forget why you’re mad.

4. When you’re in the middle of a (usually petty) disagreement and they raise their voice just a little bit, and a certain higher than usual masculinity is showcased. At which point, you want to stop fighting and start making out.

5. When they grab your hand and squeeze it when you’re feeling extremely nervous in a situation. Which gives you a feeling of calm and protection.

6. When they’re helping you button-up or zip-up a jacket or coat, and they start paying attention to the details of your face, slightly forgetting what they were supposed to be doing.

7. When you’re feeling super stressed out about anything, and they just hold you for a minute or so, letting you know everything is going to be okay.

8. When they mean to kiss you on the forehead and kiss you somewhere between the nasal bone and cartilage. And it feels a little tingly but in a good way.

9. When they send you a really funny or cute message in the middle of your day that shows they were thinking about you. And it leaves you feeling excited for the next time you’re going to see them.

10. When you’re hunched over working on something, and they start massaging your back and shoulders to show encouragement, relieving any stress you might have.

11. When you’re at dinner or in any social situation with a large group of people, and they start whispering sweet-nothings into your ear. And you start to feel embarrassed and shy.

12. When they hug you from behind in a way that takes you by surprise, and start giving you little kisses on your neck. And it sends these little shivers down your spine.

13. When you’re play-fighting and he lets you win and pretends that you’ve hurt him. So even though he’s only playing, all you want to do is take care of him.

14. When you find him being playful or generous with a little child. And even though you are not even anywhere remotely close to planning a future with him, it strikes you that he’d make a really good dad some day.

15. When you know you don’t look your best and he knows you don’t look your best, and he still goes on and on about how beautiful you are. And all you want to do is lounge around him all day.

16. When you have put a lot of effort into how you look that day and whether on purpose or unintentional, he seems flustered. And the only words he can make out is, “Wow.”

17. And when you’re in the middle of doing something or just doing nothing at all, and out of the blue he tells you, “Hey, I like you.” And all you can do is have the biggest smile on your face because he’s made you, a grown-ass woman, feel like a little girl again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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