17 Emotions Only People Who Hate Winter Experience

1. The dreaded first day when you have to wear a winter coat, and all you feel is utter hatred that you live in a place with “seasons.” Seasons are severely overrated.

2. The daunting feeling you have when you get up in the morning and you know it’s bitterly cold outside. So you stay in bed way past the amount of time you should, hugging your covers tightly for dear life.

3. The desire to complain relentlessly for the entire duration of the season. I mean sure, you can’t change the weather but continuous vocal remarks about how much you don’t like being cold helps.

4. The internal cringes you feel when you’re around people who LOVE Winter and insist on trying to convince you to love winter too. We get it, you love hot cocoa and snow angels. Everybody and their mother does. You know what’s better than that though? Beaches and Moscow Mules.

5. When it is so bitterly cold, that you can’t feel your face and you start getting a borderline panic attack because you’re sure if you don’t get inside soon you’ll get frostbite or your limbs will fall off.

6. The stress that comes with layering. “How much is too much? Will everyone still be able to see my impeccable outfit that I managed to put together despite this frozen thundra? Isn’t winter fashion supposed to be awesome?”

7. The undesirable feeling you get when you realize that somehow, even when your whole body feels like an icicle in human form, you are somehow, legit profusely sweating. (Probably due to all the layers.)

8. When you have a really necessary itch that needs to be scratched but you have to take off countless clothes in order to reach it. So you start agonizing about how you’re going to get to that spot.

9. Feeling like you’re coming down with a disease that makes you want to curl up, snuggle, and sip tea all day long. Forget about work, friends, family, the only thing you care about is staying right where you are, warmly.

10. Whether you believe seasonal affective disorder is a real thing or not, you will find yourself virtually on the verge of tears for no good reason at all periodically. (Well, the good reason is the unnecessary weather you’re in.)

11. The sadness you feel every day at 430 p.m. or even earlier when the sun (if it even appeared that day) goes down, and you want to go straight to bed. And you question why you live in a place where it’s pitch black outside by the time it’s happy hour.

12. The tear-filled joy that occurs when you wake up and the sun is shining and it actually feels a little warmer than usual, and you start thinking maybe winter won’t be so bad.

13. The tear-filed joy that occurs when the sun seems to be shining and you think it’s going to be one of those warm days in winter. Only to be greeted by disappointment when you realize it was actually one of those light, bright, but deathly cold winter days.

14. When you see someone eat it on the ice, and now that you’ve watched it, you live in permanent fear of also falling down, in front of a group of strangers. And the fear is so real you legitimately start doing the penguin walk.

15. The desire to cancel just about every meeting, date, appointment that requires you going outside. Especially when it means going outside multiple times during the day.

16. The utter happiness you feel when you thought you had somewhere to be but someone cancels on you, and now you don’t have to face winter’s torture for a while.

17. The never-ending feeling that who you are as a person goes into some sort of hibernation when the cold weather arrives, an emotional hibernation. And “you” won’t return until spring. Welp. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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