13 Undeniable Signs You’re A Closet Romantic

The Proposal
The Proposal

1. You just don’t understand hook-up culture. Forget moralities and perspectives and choices, etc. On a fundamental level, you just can’t comprehend how being physically involved without the emotional, mental, and spiritual connection is worth it. And a part of you will always feel it takes away from everybody’s understanding of romance, love, and dating.

2. It’s difficult for you to justify technological dating culture. It’s not that you’re against other people doing it but you just don’t want your romantic life to go that route. Probably because you feel that technology infiltrates every other aspect of your life, and meeting people should be a perfectly natural occurrence.

3. You think serendipity is a real thing and you’re always on the look out for it. Even if you keep that to yourself. But you linger a little longer at grocery stores when you think the person is attracted to you, and you try to make eye contact with strangers wherever you are. All in the hope that you and they might encounter each other by chance.

4. You love ancient poetry and folk tales that have to do with love and forbidden lovers. And you’re always seeking out historical books and media that inform of you of different rituals or stories of love from different civilizations across time. You sort of keep much of this hobby to yourself, however.

5. You do old-fashioned things because you love them and you see the value in them, and not just because it’s cliché. Whether it’s writing love letters and notes or taking long walks to nowhere in particular, you enjoy the state of mind you’re in when you do those things.

6. To you, some things will never go out of style, even things that everyone around you has learned not to expect. Whether it’s asking someone out in-person or over the phone, you still believe that those things should be done often, and not rarely. And wanting that, you think, doesn’t make one high-maintenance.

7. You have done some incredibly corny and cheesy things to be romantic, no matter how silly you felt. Whether it’s danced with someone without any music playing or kissed in the rain. Or perhaps “surprise” them with watching a sunset going down together. For you, cheesy isn’t always bad and more importantly, it shows effort. But you also limit the number of people who know these things about you.

8. For better or for worse, you convince yourself that romance was much better “in the old days.” Even though you know that’s not necessarily true and people often picked partners out of practicalities rather than romance. You still have a longing for the imagined and romanticized past.

9. You’ll always notice the small things people do and don’t do. Whether they open doors for other people, or what their sense of humor is when they’re the butt of a joke. And even whether they pay attention to the small, seemingly insignificant details about someone. You truly believe it is often those minor things that people do or don’t do that reveals character and personality.

10. One of your favorite things to do is listen to “falling in love” music. And you’ve got a few playlists dedicated to that state of mind. But not only that, certain songs remind you of particular people you’ve encountered though your life. You’ll hear a song and you’ll think of a period in your life and the person who that song, at least in your mind, is dedicated to.

11. You get extraordinarily happy when you see elderly couples together. It’s almost like they symbolize all your hopes and dreams about wanting to find someone for an entire lifetime who isn’t your everything. But someone who is a good friend, life partner, and spouse.

12. You have two views on love, most likely. That in the beginning it should feel easy and natural and that chemistry should exist. But you also believe in love that lasts a lifetime. And you know that kind of love involves self-sacrifice, patience, and hard work by two people who are committed to each other. And no matter the times you live in, you’ll always believe that sort of love is real.

13. Few people are fully aware of how quickly it is to make you completely emotional whether it’s over tears of joy or sadness. Because of your general demeanor, whether it’s too silly or too stern, an extreme of both, or somewhere in between, only those who really know you, know that almost all these points apply to you. And that when it’s all said and done, you’re a romantic at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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