19 Things That Happen When You’re A Girl Over 5’9

1. Your girlfriends will definitely use you in lieu of a guy being around when certain tasks need to be done. “You can reach that incredibly high item. Will you please bring it down for me?” Sure, I’ll try not to roll on my ankle while I’m at it! I kid, I kid.

2. Listening to tired jokes your entire life such as, “How’s the weather up there?” HAHAHA, never heard that one before! Please, tell it again!

3. Constantly being told “good luck with dating,” as a way to bring you down because of your height. Thanks everyone. Dating isn’t hard enough you know!

4. Mostly only being willing to date guys taller than you. Not saying this applies to every single tall girl on the planet. But half the time, it’s just amusing when guys who are so much shorter than you, hit on you. (Anything is possible though and a minority of tall girls are into it!)

5. Being noticeable as soon as you walk into pretty much any room. No such thing as trying to “slip in” anywhere. Maybe with the exception of an NBA convention or a fashion show.

6. Speaking of fashion shows and the NBA, if you’re not a model or professional basketball player, you kind of feel like your parents really dropped the ball by not being one of those over-the-top helicopter parents. Why didn’t you force a strict diet of protein and vegetables on me and hand me over to an agent at age eight, mum and dad? (Oh yes, because you actually wanted me to have a childhood. Thanks, I guess.)

7. Forever feeling self-conscious in a short skirt or short shorts because really, your legs are probably three-quarters of your entire body. And wearing these items just accentuates that you are all legs, all the time.

8. Hearing a lot of people backhandedly compliment your stature. “Yeah it suits you but I’d never want to be that tall.” Or “It doesn’t really make any sense for a girl to be that tall, unless you’re stick thin.” Cool, thanks.

9. Getting irrationally annoyed when you see a really tall guy with a really short girl. I did say it was irrational but there’s something about it that’s just like “Really?!”

10. Speaking of, listening to short girls talk about how they want tall guys and not knowing whether to laugh or shake your head. You. Do. Not. Know. The. Struggle.

11. Good luck trying to find a mirror that is actually full-length for your height. Most of the time you will have to put the largest one you do find at an angle. And deal with the struggle of not knowing whether the mirror is telling you lies or not.

12. Feeling like you should just carry a custom-made chair with you all through life because a good 83.5 % of the time, the chairs you have to sit on in places are just not suitable for your long-ass legs.

13. Having to deal with a lot of short men AND women who have Napoleon complexes. It’s quite amusing how being a tall girl can intimidate the sensibilities of certain people. Sorry I’m tall?

14. Jeans. Now this is especially difficult if you’re tall with some curves because most apparel is not made with your body type in mind. But really, just always buy the longest possible size. You can hem them later.

15. People automatically assume you’re going to be good at every sport on the planet. No, if I don’t know how to play a sport, being tall isn’t automatically going to make me good at the sport.

16. Working out, especially lifting, is actually a lot tougher for tall girls. And yes, I confirmed this with a bunch of fitness trainers. But because you’re much further from the ground, it takes a lot more effort to do a lot of things. Ex: squats. It’s counterintuitive but it makes sense.

17. Wanting to wear heels because well, heels look great. But not wanting to wear heels because you don’t want to tower over every single person you’re going to be around. (Actually, this is more of a perk and less of a struggle a lot of the time.)

18. Being referred to by your body rather than by your names. I kid you not, I will almost always turn around when I hear, “arms and legs” because I think someone is referring to me.

19. Feeling like you’ll never be truly happy and comfortable when sleeping unless you get a Queen to King-sized bed. Because, long legs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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