14 Things We Forget To Thank Our Big Brothers For

For all the brothers in my life. Those who I’m related to, and those who through bonds of friendship, have become just like big brothers.

1. For covering for us when we were younger, even at the cost of getting into trouble with mum and dad. We still owe you a few.

 2. For being one of the first friends we have, some of the best friends we’ll ever have, and for teaching us everything we ought to know about friendship.

3. For protecting us from the dark when we were kids, and from as much darkness as you could, when the darkness of night was no longer our greatest worry. 

4. For teaching us how to do new things – whether it was riding a bike at 5 years old, or the financial investments we need to make with our adult monies.

5. For making fun of us. And getting us to see the best kind of sense of humor begins with the ability to laugh at yourself. 

6. For believing in our dreams, and supporting them in any way you could. And for reminding us to believe in them too.

7. For teaching us to be tough, how to take most people’s words with a grain of salt, and showing us a few moves – right hooks, upper cuts, and such. You know, just in case we ever need them.

8. For fixing the things we break – some of them tangible things like the chains on our bicycles. And some of them not so tangible things like the trust you have in us.

9. For setting the standard (along with good dads) for how we should expect guys to treat us, be they friends, or otherwise. And for holding us to the same high standards.

10.  For giving the people we date a hard time, and making sure they know that our hearts are not meant to be treated with anything but respect and care. 

11. For picking us up when we were out way too late. Or just picking us up from the floor of life when we couldn’t do it on our own.

12. For always telling the truth to us, and to our faces, no matter how hard it was to hear. Rest assured that we always needed to hear it. 

13. For not judging how much we eat, especially on the days that we really just needed to eat our feelings.

14. For having our backs in a way only big brothers can. And every once in a while, letting us have your backs too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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