17 Ways Your Hair Stylist Is Better Than Your Therapist

1. They know every detail of a very sacred and visible part of your body – your hair and you head. They can tell when you’ve not been taking enough care of either, and always know how to remedy that situation.

2. But they are very forgiving and if you haven’t been taking care of yourself they will have you in shape in no time.

3. They know what you look like in your wildest, most natural hair state. The only other person that might know what that looks like is your mother. Or a significant other.

4. Sometimes you’ll think they’re actually a sorcerer because you’ll come to them looking like a tragedy. And in a few (or not so few) hours, they’ll have you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

5. They will keep your deepest, darkest, most ridiculous secrets. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Plus they know the code: What happens in the beauty shop stays in the beauty shop. (But if you have to tell the story, no names can be mentioned.)

6. Absolutely no topics will be off-limits because of the trust you’ve built. No need to filter you thoughts or tone or anything. You can just speak your mind freely.

7. They are one of the most accepting people you know. They accept all your imperfections probably because they deal with something imperfect about you all the time – your hair.

8. They are way more informed about what’s going on in your city than your local news station. Forget CNN, your hair stylist knows the 411 that you need to know.

9. They will let you talk shit about absolutely anyone you want to. Firstly, because your stylist probably doesn’t know anyone you’re talking about. Secondly, because they love it.

10. They are 100% judgment-free about everything you do in your life. Except for your hair of course. They will judge you and let you know if you’re always putting their good work to shame.

11. They will actually give you advice when you need it, and are not just there to let you “figure it out on your own.”

12. Listening to you vent about dating and relationships are practically part of the service. And unlike most people in your life, they never get tired of your venting.

13. They know the kind of love you need as soon as you walk in. Sometimes that means going easy on you and sometimes that means yelling at you in front of everyone to, “Get your shit together.”

14. They remind you of your values even when you’ve forgotten them. “Oh no honey, uh oh. Girl, you know that’s a deal breaker. Stop seeing that guy.”

15. They will stay late, answer your 911 emergency-I-need-you-to-fix-my-hair calls, and go the extra mile. Most times, they’ll give you way more than your money’s worth.

16. They always tell you that you’re beautiful and remind you that in some ways taking care of the physical can also uplift you in the emotional, mental, and spiritual.

17. They always have the best life tit-bits and wisdom. And you will hang on their every word. Because anyone who intimately knows the ins and outs of something as precious as your hair, is the Oprah of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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