18 Signs You’ve Definitely Been Through The Struggle

Flickr / Tiffany
Flickr / Tiffany

Before all the high and mighties get off their throne and start talking about, “What about the poor?” in some shape or form, I’d like to point out that this list isn’t about the poor, don’t get this twisted with actual poverty. I’ve seen poverty, I know the poor, it’s not fun and games. This list however, is for all of those (probably middle class) folks who’ve experienced a shortage in cash flows and understand the struggle.

And if you are going through the struggle, as one of my brothers used to say (and as long as you’re middle-class) remember: Being broke is temporary, poverty is a state of mind. Just keep hustlin’.

1. You made it through the week with less than $5 in your bank account. Where there is a will, there is a way.

2. You had the same meal for lunch and dinner five times in one week. Thank God for rice yo.

3. You walked somewhere that was definitely not walking distance but you were preserving transportation fare, and you know, “getting exercise.”

4. When a homeless person asked you for money, you whispered under your breath, “Bro, you probably have more money than me right now.”

5. You open the fridge, you close the fridge. Five minutes later you open the fridge…yep, still bare.

6. During the worst summers, you went without an air conditioner, and told yourself, “What did people do before AC’s anyway?”

7. During winter, you wrapped yourself in hoodies, sweaters, and blankets and kept the heat low and told yourself, “I like it when it’s this cold.”

8. Your card got rejected for an amount that you were so ashamed of, you didn’t go back to that store for at least a month.

9. You looked at your bank account and were so overwhelmed with what you saw, you started laughing instead of crying.

10. You started looking online for coupons for just about everything, and I mean everything.

11. You ran out of milk so you “made more” by adding water to it.

12. Your lotion bottle faced several beatings in order to get those last bits out.

13. You were too scared to check your bank account so you went into the grocery store and prayed to baby Jesus that it all worked out.

14. You’ve kept your phone charger together with tape.

15. A heel broke off your “good shoe” and rather than toss it, you held it together with glue.

16. You asked for extra condiment packets when you were out…multiple times. Same thing with napkins.

17. You met your friends out and drank water all night long, insisting that you just didn’t feel like it today.

18. And this Louis C.K. skit was basically your spirit animal:


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