8 Reasons “I Just Can’t”

Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
If you’re like me, sometimes you just can’t. Can’t do what? You know, sometimes you just CANNOT. Something is happening and the only appropriate response is, “I just can’t.” Or maybe you respond in the form of the question, “Can you not?” And if it’s really bad, you might even say, “I just can’t even.” Here are 8 reasons sometimes I just can’t:
***To all those who are going to say, “USE ‘PROPER’ GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!” No. Sometimes using particular forms of slang, emphasizes certain things in the particular way you want them to be received. So chill.***

1. When I am reading or watching something about the amount of de facto corporate welfare there is, and people are actually defending it by saying things like, “People have a choice to work/buy at these corporations.” or “Well, they provide jobs so….” Yeah, no. Many people don’t have a choice, they have a dilemma. And they are usually caught between a rock and a hard place. Besides, you know who else provided jobs? Hitler. But that’s not the point.

What good is a job that people essentially have to sacrifice their soul for, cannot adequately live on anyway, and have to rely on government assistance that mostly becomes the burden on the disappearing middle class? We should start portraying “Welfare queens” as people in Armani suits because I just can’t. (I have two brothers in the finance/banking industry so you can all just fall back with retorts that essentially amount to, “quit hating.” The situation is a hot mess.)

2. When people who are not in the 1% which is em, MOST OF US still believe in economics that is supposed to “trickle down.” In case you haven’t noticed, cash flows are only TRICKLING UP these days. Here’s the reality: Most wages have not kept up with inflation rates. If you do watch the link in 1.) which I fact-checked because I was an Econ major once upon a time, you’ll note that Wal-Mart, the largest private employer, pays its workers on average, $8.80. Compare that to 1955, where General Motors, the largest employer then, paid its workers $37 in today’s dollars. So please, can you not with your “trickle down” arguments?

3. When a certain commentator said, “If you are poor, just stop being poor.” WAT? I can’t even. BYE.

4. When someone starts talking about racism. You know, the SYSTEMATIC problem that is not just a matter of individual prejudice, but an actual power dynamic that has permeated all facets of lives for groups of PoCs. And then someone says, “But as a White person, I have also faced racism.” Or asks, “But what about reverse racism?” Really, you have faced the system that was set up to advantage you as much as possible so much so that even when you face other disadvantages, you are still more likely to be better off than your PoC counterpart? And somewhere along the line, a PoC was mean to you so you decided that equated to racism? Nahhhhh, sit down because I just can’t.

5. When someone makes an assumption that any PoC who “makes it” did so because of affirmative action. But nooooooo White privilege is not a factor in White people “making it.” First of all, all the side-eyes for you. Secondly, can you not?

Side note: To a small minority of readers who have commented/emailed me about my schooling, education, etc., in a way that suggests I am where I am because of diversity initiatives: While I am aware of my relative socio-economic privilege, I am not a citizen of this country. And thus, diversity initiatives cannot apply to me so please fall back with that noise. I’ve just been running things since I came off the boat. (It was actually a plane, but eh, I’m trying to have fun with this.)

6. Whenever someone claims to be “fighting for men’s rights.” Wait, what? I don’t understand. But you guys – literally, you guys – are basically in charge of well, everything. You earn more, you are more likely to be promoted, you generally don’t have to fear that the guy walking behind you is trying to rape you (This may not always apply, i.e. prison and other instances.). You don’t suffer the shame of being cat-called, don’t get called a bitch, slut, or whore for absolutely no reason at all, and are never told to, “stop PMSing” for simply having a bad day. I love you guys but can you not with “men’s rights?”

Side note: Ladies, if you feel like PMSing, PMS all you want. You are bleeding out of your lady parts for up to a week. Be as angry as you want and eat as much ice cream as you want.

7. People who say global warming isn’t real. Okay, in the scientific rationale, even the most certain theories are 99%. But even if we are not certain, isn’t it better to err on the side of caution when it comes to preserving the earth? Isn’t it worth it to try to be as sustainable as possible for future generations so they don’t feel about us how we feel towards Baby Boomers? Because come on, the polar vortex, the ecosystems, the sea levels – surely all of this cannot just be coincidental. I can’t with some of you people ignoring reality or claiming not to care because you won’t be alive. I just can’t.

8. To anybody (including the “people” that are corporations) who for some reason have no decency and compassion for people – Black, White, Brown, Orange, Blue, Purple, etc and cannot simply wrap it around their brain that all people deserve, yes deserve, to live a life with dignity. And that means having basic food, education that is both useful practically and personally in forming the person, and adequate access to health care that they can actually afford. I’m not trying to insist that everyone is deserving of Kanye’s type of good life but how can you not look at your fellow human beings and think, “You at least deserve the basics, and a chance to go beyond.”? How can we just go to bed at night and think that all the plights of those who suffer are accidents and have nothing to do with me and you? This world tho. Sometimes I just can’t even. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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