What Your TC Crush Says About You

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Flickr / lookcatalog
With Valentine’s day coming up, love is in the air. At least it is in grocery stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, and on the Internet. Look, I don’t actually know how many writers there are on here so I’m including as many as I think is reasonable (see: as many regulars I can remember off the top of my head). Plus a few people you might not hear from very often who make TC happen. But inevitably someone will be in the comments writing, “WHY DIDN’T YOU INCLUDE X PERSON?!!” So if I did leave out someone who you think should be on here, by all means, comment with their name and what having a crush on them, “says about you.”

Michael Koh: You’re the perfect combination of outgoing and shy. You love puppies and take your pizza choices very seriously.

Chelsea Fagan: You’re well-dressed, enjoy fine dining, and would never let anyone find your nails wanting.

Chris Hudspeth: You’re basically the awkward but hot person every Gen Y is desperately trying to emulate.

James B. Barnes: You were the person in high school that was good at everything. You’re still that person.

Lance Pauker: You’re easy-going, light-hearted, and were definitely known for your epic keg-stands back in your college days.

Koty Neelis: You love quiet places, foreign cultures, and bonfires and Coronas with good friends.

Zaron Burnett III: You’re equal parts sexy and smart, and one heck of a go-getter. But you’ve also got a soft side that could melt anyone’s heart in a second.

Kate Bailey: You’re the human personification of Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” and indeed you’re the effortless center of attention everywhere you go.

Jeffrey Ellinger: You are so hilarious that everyone gets really confused when you use your serious voice. You also really like 90s pop dance music.

Rachel Hodin: Your sense of humor is limitless and you don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it. Every day when you wake up, you say a little prayer for your haters.

Shawn Binder: You love wine, scary movies, talking about feelings, and definitely do not believe in “the outdoors.”

Jessica Blankenship: You’ve got opinions and like it or not, people are going to hear them. A little bit of a rebel at heart, you also have a sweet side you bring out ever so often.

Chrissy Stockton: You’re tough, you’re authentically open-minded, and you may or may not be that person who wears North Face jackets and shorts in winter.

“Nicole Mullen”: You’re on drugs but at least it hasn’t affected your twisted sense of humor.

Jen Glantz: You are most definitely the fun girl in your group of friends. You’re also brutally honest and are never too far away from a self-deprecating joke.

Brandon Gorrell: You’re a little quiet and hard to get to know but have a wild side only special people get to see. You also don’t get enough credit for your great sense of humor.

Kat George: You’re confident, a little intimidating, and the antithesis of a people pleaser.

Ella Ceron: You know that person who is just naturally cool, and doesn’t have to try at all, not even a little bit? That’s you!

Stephanie Karina: You’re sweeter than apple pie with an unprecedented sassy side that you whip out from time to time.

Madison Moore: You unapologetically live out loud and no one ever seems to be able to match your style. Your favorite word is, “YASSS!”

Matt Saccarro: You’re a soft-spoken person with a quirky sense of humor. Those who don’t get it, don’t get it. Those who do, love you for it.

Brianna Wiest: You are totally the person whose number is memorized by all your friends because you would pick up the phone anywhere and anytime, just to listen.

Rob Fee: You know the hot, funny, really nice person that is in almost every romcom ever? That’s you. Except you’re real.

Oliver Miller: You’re deep; a little misunderstood, a lot intelligent, but mostly just really deep.

Daniel Coffeen: You think about life a lot, and need your quiet time more often than most. You always keep your journal of beautiful thoughts on-hand.

Annie Atherton: You’ve got a heart of gold and while being a person of few words, you always seem to say the right thing.

Mink Choi: You’re the person who simply just get shit done and makes it all look really easy.

Alex Magnin: You like travel, volunteering for local animal shelters in your free time, and know how to handle emotional males. You’re probably also working on your MBA currently or at least you have plans to.

Chris Lavergne: You love reading. No, you REALLY, REALLY love reading. You’re also usually the silently smart person in the room.

Kovie Biakolo: You’re way too self-assured for your own good. Which would be unbearable except everyone knows you can usually back your shit up. TC mark


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