Men, Women, And The Economics Of Sex

YouTube / The Austin Institute
YouTube / The Austin Institute

There’s a quote that goes, “Since sex became easier to get, love became harder to find.” It’s an unpopular quote for a lot of young people yet from my observations of my society and the experiences of my generation, it seems rather apt. Now while my own faith and personal convictions guide my perspective on sex and the place of sex, I am not so foolish or self-righteous as to believe that human beings are not human beings. However, I’ve always believed that there is a societal price to pay with a laissez-faire/free-for-all attitude towards sex – a price that we all pay beyond just our personal emotions, health, and overall consequences.

In individualistic societies, people like to believe personal actions do not have communal consequences. But I think it is often a fallacy that is bought into, in order remove an almost “natural” responsibility to others in our community. As a teen, I read a book called the Sexual Revolution: A Twentieth Century Mistake and it made a deep impression on me to this day. The book categorically argues how sexual revolutions of the 50s and 60s and particularly the technology that came with it, contributes to some of our biggest structural and individual problems in the realm of sex, marriage, family, finance, and even our beliefs on what it means to have personal freedom.

But I will limit my own personal thoughts on the subject matter to the above. At least for now. Both culturally and as a matter of personal preference, I do not believe that everything one thinks should be something one talks about. But watch the video below brought to you by The Austin Institute. While I plan to consider some of the statistics and fact-check some things, it at the very least insightful. And I do not believe that I would be biased in claiming: The argument is a good one.


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