15 Small Things You Should Absolutely Not Sweat

1. What people think of you. Only because most of the time people aren’t thinking about you, they’re thinking about themselves. And if they are thinking about you, they’re probably thinking about what you’re thinking about them. (I stole this from a book I read in college.)

2. Subtweets/Passive-aggressive FB statuses that are ill-intended. Apart from the fact that these are acts of immaturity, they never quite solve whatever problem it is you may have. Nor do they make you feel better in the long-run. So don’t write them and above all, don’t respond to them.

3. What somebody else is doing on THEIR social media. Hide, Unfollow, Log out, etc., it’s not that hard, I promise.

4. Internet Comments. I say this while in moments of weakness I have admittedly failed at having better judgment. But to be honest, what’s the point in getting riled up over an Internet comment? If you must comment, state your point, state it intelligently, and move on. If nothing else, remember that Internet fights result in you feeling stupid and everyone who sees it, having second-hand embarrassment on your behalf.

5. Running late. The train being late, the bus being late, etc. It always seems that you’re late on the days you absolutely should not be late; Murphy’s law and what not. But you will likely get where you need to be eventually, and it won’t be the calamitous affair you thought it would be.

6. An unflattering outfit choice that you can do nothing about. I went up to a girl at an L stop once to let her know her leggings were see-through. We both laughed it off because there was nothing she could do about it in the moment. I’m going to presume that she lived through the embarrassing day. Life indeed goes on.

7. Why he/she/they are not texting you back. If you really want to know, be that “crazy” person, call them out and ask. At least you’ll know, especially if it’s it important enough for you to lose sleep over it.

8. Technology failing. Almost three years ago in my senior year of college, my computer decided it would crash in my first semester, during finals week. It’s every bit as horrid as it sounds. I thought my life was over. Alas, here I am, still breathing. That being said, have enough prudence to back-up important things in three different places.

9. Whether you have the nicest/latest/most fashionable anything. The way I see it, the minute something is put on the market, it is already out of date. So why keep up?

10. That one time when you stuck your foot in your mouth. We have a tendency to remember things as being worse than they were, when it comes to embarrassing moments. Even though it was years ago, you still think everyone remembers the incident that makes you cringe, and judges you for it. But really, you’re probably the only one so let it go.

11. The past and the future. You absolutely cannot change your past. And you absolutely cannot predict the future. When a time machine is invented for either, I’ll be right there with you. All you can do is learn from your past and hope for a better future by living in the very best present you can create. Cliché? Yes. True? Always.

12. Your relationship status. Nope, not everyone who is in a relationship is happier than singletons. Not every singleton even wants to be in a relationship. Not everyone in a relationship is settling. You know the drill. How many articles need to be written about this?

13. People who don’t like you. If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong. As for me, when I encounter someone who doesn’t like me, I simply reiterate Jay-Z’s advice, “He who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he doesn’t exist.” Now get that dirt off your shoulder and move on with your life.

14. Things that didn’t work out. Relationships, friendships, unrequited anything, career paths, jobs, etc. It may seem like your whole world was crashing down when things that were “supposed” to happen, didn’t happen, even after time has passed. But here you are, still whole, and doing quite alright.

15. That you’re not as far along in life as you thought you would be. Life isn’t a race, people. Smell the roses, enjoy the good times, and laugh at the bad times. Not one single thing or event or choice is ever going to define your entire existence. Keep things in perspective and roll with the punches. Most things, but especially small stuff, are never worth your sweat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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