Pope Francis Kisses And Blesses Severely Disfigured Man, Melts Hearts Around The World

Many of us have experienced the feeling of being out of place or being treated unfairly for whatever reason. And then you see this. Here is a man who is in a uniquely marginalized position that most of us will never know. He suffers from a rare and painful genetic disorder that causes tumors all over his body and face. Most of us – no matter what positions of disadvantage the world renders us or our loved ones – will never know what is like to be this man. And most of us, if we saw him in the street, would ignore him out of politeness or fear or disgust.

It’s very hard for me to take-in such suffering, no matter my religious convictions. The injustice that someone can be born with a body so disfigured just seems so unfair in my eyes. Yet it serves as a reminder that I am a mere creature whose capabilities in all things and especially knowledge are ultimately limited. But this embrace from Pope Francis to this man who the world would otherwise shun, can only be described as Christ-like; as godly. Let us learn the lesson here. And if you need it, as I did; as I often do – also gain some perspective from this act. And in your own little way, pass a similar act of love onto someone today. Because the world always needs it.


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