32 Things Black Girls Like

           ….Because contrary to popular belief, Black Girls are not natural-born angry, bitter, bitchface-struggling beings, we actually like things too. Also, while it has been amusing to sit on the sidelines of this week’s White Girls war on TC, I thought I’d remind everyone Black women exist and can speak for themselves (and every single Black person on earth too). Because obviously this list is Gospel truth and is meant to be taken as such.

1. Weaves that are on point.

2. Braids that are on point.

3. Natural hair: Talking about their journey to natural hair, considering going natural, or saying how they would never go natural.

4. “Good hair.”

5. Talking about hair in general, and our hair-related struggles that have involved blood, sweat, and tears since we were kids.

6. The Color Purple.

7. When almost any Black person is competing against people of other races White people in just about anything and ends up winning.

8. When attractive Black men date Black women.

9. When attractive White men date Black women.

10. When attractive men of other races/ethnicities date Black women.

11. When a guy of any race is hitting on you and the first words that come from his mouth are NOT, “I really like Black women” or anything to do with something chocolate-flavored, or being someone’s future Black Nubian queen.

12. Any man who says he’s an “ass man.” Chances are, many a Black girl will start getting excited that they have an upper-hand in something.

13. The fact that having an ass  has been deemed desirable in popular culture. (Despite it being popularized by many non-Black women even when the stereotype of Black women with big butts has been around forever.)

14. The TV Show, “Scandal.”

15. #Whitegirlproblems

16. Making fun of #Whitegirlproblems including but not limited to PSL struggles, “tan lines,” and the propensity to age poorly.


18. #Blackgirlproblems

19. When White women (and men) simply acknowledge that they are privileged because of their race.

20. When non-Black people recognize that Black girls come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds!

21. (Specifically pertaining to U.S. Americans): When people recognize that not every Black girl (living in the USA) is “African-American.”

22. Watching White Girls dance/become hot messes at the club.

23. When the person who is being loud in a public place is not Black.

24. When Black women express anger at the unique racism and sexism they might face, without being silenced and labeled, “Angry, Black women,” thus attempting to de-legitimize the intersectional prejudice.

25. Having White friends who “just get it.”

26. Mean Girls…the original and this parody:


27. Being I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

28. Wanting/having a man who is “man enough.”

29. The freedom to say “nigger” when a song comes on even if they would ordinarily not say it (and secretly laughing at all the different reactions White people will have in the same instance).

30. Fried chicken, unless of course they are vegetarians, vegans, or simply prefer their chicken grilled.

31. Running things and knowing full-well that no BS affirmative-action or lenience was given to them along the way. But they actually had to work twice as hard to get half as much, and are still heading straight to the top anyway. (Yes, I stole that “having to work twice as hard” line from Scandal last night but the struggle is real.)

32. The occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and cute fall sweaters. Crazy huh?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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