10 Reasons Why Summer Is Better Than Fall

Ian Sane
Ian Sane

This is an infallible fact of life: SUMMER IS BETTER THAN FALL. Period.

While fall is great for running, and I do take solace from the fact that it keeps winter at bay for a few months, (Winter, is an unnecessary season that quite frankly, the world could have done without.) fall has nothing on summer. And here are 10 reasons why:

1. Summer means warm sunshine and what kind of human being doesn’t like sunshine? Sure fall can mean sunshine too, but it’s the kind of sunshine that is accompanied with chilling winds and cold rain. Pretentious, pretentious, season I tell you.

2. Like all good things in life, summer is simple. You know what to expect from summer: Heat, and depending on where you are, a little or a lot of humidity. Fall, on the other hand is that oh-so-complicated guy who gives you mixed messages. “Will he be cold today? Or will he be warm?” are the questions that will plague you constantly. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. …And because no one has time for that, what do you end up doing in the fall? Bringing a trench coat, a scarf, a sweater, and then taking it off. Repeat 5000 times. During the summer, you need your lovely and light summer attire, and a cardigan for the indoors. That’s about it.

4. Let’s review the following lyrics:

“In the summertime, when the weather is high. You can stretch right up and touch the sky.” – Mungo Jerry, In The Summertime

“In the heat of summer sunshine, I miss you like nobody else. In the heat of summer sunshine, I kiss you, and nobody needs to know.”  – The Corrs, Summer Sunshine

“Summer came like cinnamon; so sweet; little girls double dutch on the concrete.” – Corinne Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On

Do you know what all of these lyrics have in common? They talk about how awesome summer is. When is the last time you heard a GOOD song about “fall?” (I know there are  a FEW good songs about fall but come on, no one fights out about THE song of fall each year like we do with summer.)

6. Fall means the start of flu season which means getting sick, and when you’re not getting sick, you’re trying to avoid it. (Actually, I am sick right now and I blame it on the girl who sneezed on me on the El 2 days ago.) Do you have to worry about the flu, getting flu shots, and avoiding sneezing El riders when it’s summer? Nope.

7. Festivals and outdoor concerts can mostly only take place in the summer. Doing this in the heart of fall would be setting yourself up to fail. I suppose I can only speak for myself but there are very few things in life I am going to chill outside for, for hours on end when the temperature gets below 75 degrees.

8. I love a good riding boot as much as the next girl but come on, sandals > riding boots. (Probably also better for your feet.)

9.  Rooftop parties.

10. And last but definitely not least, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s or rather Pumpkin Spice anything will never be greater than the season of Margaritas, Mojitos, and Moscow Mules.

To my lovely summer: I’ll see you next year.

And to all the Fall-obsessed, Pumpkin-Spice loving White Girls out there (real, and in your heart): GET AT ME BRO. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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