Don’t Lose Your Cool

“Seeing as everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them.” Coco Chanel

I’m writing this at 11:30 at night because that’s pretty much the only time I get to write on my blog these days. 11:30 at night and sometimes at 5:30 in the morning. But I’m sleeping in till 6:15 to attend mass at 7! (Yay, cheers for Holy Days of Obligation; August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption…#Catholicproblems)

Anyway, a half hour ago, I spilled my glass of wine. (Which is why it was imperative that you know the time I am writing this at;.I don’t want you to think I’m drinking wine on a Thursday morning when you’ll see this. Life isn’t THAT bad yet.) I really like wine so when I spill it – I am NOT a happy camper. I usually (mentally) curse up a mini- storm at the glass, myself, and the bottle of wine. Maybe I’m just tired today; maybe it’s already just been a long week. But tonight I just found a rag to clean it up, and said over and over again to myself, “This is just one moment in time. This is not even remotely a big deal.”

Earlier this evening, I was running on the treadmill. (Don’t judge, that machine is awful and I’d rather run outside but sometimes I end up on it.) Anyway, this guy was making the most obnoxious, “WOOOO” sounds every 10 minutes like he was climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro or something. As I got off, I thought of turning to him and informing him how loud, obnoxious, and extremely inconsiderate he was being to other patrons. I have no problem with confrontation especially when it involves douchebags. But I simply got off my machine and turned away and told myself this, “He wants the attention and if I confront him, I fall for it.”

What’s the point of these two anecdotes? Keeping your cool is very important. There are many things as you go through the day that will make you want to punch someone. It might include pedestrians who walk slowly, incompetent co-workers, annoying people on public transportation, your boss, your needy family, friends, and/or acquaintances or maybe spilled wine and annoying douchebags at the gym. But honestly, most things occur at just one moment in time, and most of the time, they are not remotely significant. So why let them get to you? Why let them be the reason you lose your cool?

I would say only my family really knows this about me but I actually have a pretty short tempter. I get irritated rather quickly even though I get “un-irritated” quickly too. It’s something I’ve always had since I was a kid. Ever since I was young, my parents have told me to “temper my passions” because they would more than likely be the reason to get me into trouble. So I empathize with people who have short fuses. But due to really good nurturing and an understanding of what makes me trigger, I have become very good at managing my temper. To the point that it rarely is even known by those around me. Even when I confront people, most of the time, I am usually level-headed.

Of course the few times I have let myself completely just ”go, I have regretted it. I have a way with words and I know how to hurt people with the truth. And the truth is words are like when tooth paste comes out of the bottle and you try to put it back in – it’s nearly impossible to put it back in; it’s nearly impossible to take your words back. So if you ever find yourself in an irritable moment, a moment of frustration – which all of us will find ourselves in from time to time – take a moment and breathe. Tell yourself that this is just one moment in time. Remind yourself that people are mostly not that bad. And even when you feel the need to confront people, let it be with a cool-head. Whatever you do, don’t lost your cool. It’s seldom ever worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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