17 Reasons Why People Don’t Always Suck

17. Because this morning, you probably took a form of transportation to get somewhere and people made the car you were driving. Or someone was driving the bus, cab, or train that you were riding in. (And if you walked to work, people built that sidewalk too.)

16. Because someone probably said or will say, “Please” and “Thank you” to you today and actually mean it.

15. Because one time or another, you might have had to change your plans in some shape or form, and the  people who were affected, were sympathetic.

14. Think of your favorite bakery. A human being probably made your favorite dessert or batch of baked goods. (Or at least pushed the button on something to make it happen.)

13. Because you probably have lost something in your lifetime that you thought was gone forever. Only for somebody to later turn it in and have your faith in humanity restored.

12. Because if you smile at enough people today, someone will eventually smile at you too.

11. Because you’ve probably had the door held for you by someone in the last 30 days.

10. Because in this world, some people are willing to sacrifice their lives just to make sure others can sleep securely at night.

9. Because there are people in the world who leave their friends, family, and comfort zone to go and help other people’s families half-way around the world simply because they want to.

8. Because someone has probably “spotted” you when you were broke or your stupid card wasn’t working, saving you from the ultimate social embarrassment.

7. Because some time this year, you were probably in a really foul mood and then someone said something incredibly funny that made you laugh.

6. Because someone likely gave you a break some time, whether at work or in school, when you weren’t able to give 100% at one point.

5. Because recently a barista or bartender or waitress was able to take your order perfectly and make life a little more pleasant for you that day.

4. Because people wake up every day, hours before you do, making your life convenient in more ways than you can think of as you go along your merry way.

3. Because even when the world seems to be in chaos and hatred seems present in so many ways, someone, somewhere, at any given moment, is doing an act of kindness just because.

2. Because no matter how good or bad your day, week, year, and life currently is, you still have it within your power to do even the smallest act of kindness for someone else.

1. Because at some point today, someone will think about you, and wish you well, and hope that you’ll always know just how wonderful and loved you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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