14 Things Only People With A Partner Addicted To Social Media Understand


1. You hold their hand and tell them everything will be alright, and yes, actually, they are very interesting, anytime they put out a tweet or update and hardly anyone likes it. This is the kind of thing that truly bonds a modern couple.

2. When they realize their battery is dying you can literally see the panic come across their face as they horrifyingly have to think about what it will be like if they can’t get their emails and updates 24/7.

3. And if their phone does dies, depending on how long they have to go without being able to charge it, you know you have limited amount of time before anxiety/anger sets in. It’s basically like when someone hasn’t eaten in awhile, they’re on the verge of being hangry, and you know they need a candy bar or a breadstick asap if you want to have an enjoyable time with them. Basically the same thing.

4. They have a Spotify playlist for literally everything. Washing the dishes, drinking a bottle of wine together, running, having sex, whatever. They know the perfect songs to not only set the mood, but ANY mood.

5. They regularly have several screens open and on at one time, so it’s not that surprising when you say something and they don’t register what you’ve said at first. They regularly have the TV on and laptop open while also scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on their phone.

6. They want to take pics of everything all the time, even if the moment is completely mundane. They snap a pic and add captions like “Enjoying a relaxing evening watching a movie with bae <3 #TGIF” or “Out hiking with the love of my life!!! #nature #love” To them, any and every moment is prime time for a picture.

7. They regularly ask you about things they saw on Facebook or Twitter just assuming you must know what they’re talking about. “Can you believe David has another new job already? What is that, like the 3rd job in a year?” You’re like, uhm David who? “David from accounting!! Didn’t you see his update this morning?”

8. They talk about the followers they’ve lost and the people who have unfriended them like they’ve truly lost someone special. Even if half of those followers were bot Twitter accounts, you can tell it still hurts.

9. They spend more time in the bathroom than usual because sitting on the toilet is one of their favorite places to do all their social media scrolling. You’ve stopped asking them what they’re doing in there because you just know now.

10. When you guys go somewhere together your partner is immediately thinking about the kind of update they’re going to write on Facebook. They just have to let everyone know you two are having so much fun together!

11. You ask them to go camping or for a weekend retreat somewhere remote and the first thing they ask is, “Does it have wifi?” 

12. Their dating past mostly consists of people they met through social media. Someone slid through their DMs or commented enough on their Instagram and boom, a romance was born.

13. You’ve asked them if they’ve ever thought about deactivating their Facebook and they just look at you and laugh. When they realize you’re being serious they’re like, “wait, that’s not an actual thing people do, right?”

14. Some couples say I love you before bed and some couples help each other craft the perfect tweets before bed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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