13 Signs You’re A Classic INFJ

Flickr - Image / bost
Flickr – Image / bost

INFJ – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. INFJs are known to be great listeners, big dreamers, and deep, complex people. As the rarest personality type INFJ’s only make up less than 3% of the population. If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator you probably know what you’re categorized as but these are some signs of a classic INFJ.

1. You’re always in search of a deeper meaning. At work, in relationships, with friends, and interactions with strangers you’re continually looking at life and situations in an obscure way to discover what’s beyond the surface.

2. Although people have an easy time connecting with you sometimes you can be a difficult person to really know. You value your privacy and often feel like you can only be your “true self” around those closest to you.

3. You’re a highly empathetic and sensitive person with an innate ability to understand what people are going through. Your care and concern for others is always genuine and you feel deeply for others.

4. You find it easy to connect with others and exhibit both introvert and extrovert qualities. You love meeting and interacting with other people and at times can be the life of the party but eventually, you have to go home and recharge.

5. Even beyond high school or college you enjoy learning, particularly about society, other cultures, languages, people, literature, and art. You’re always excited to learn something new and find your interests expanding as you get older.

6. You strive for the ideal in every aspect of your life. You have very strong opinions and are driven by your values. You will absolutely fight for what you believe in.

7. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. You become so passionate about certain projects or things going on with other people that often you end up exhausted and weary. When you’re so busy trying to take care of the world you must remember to take care of yourself as well.

8. You’re a deep and complex person but at the same time you also tend to live a very simple life. It really doesn’t take very much to make you feel happy and content with your life. You see things on a larger scale and put more emphasis on your relationships with friends and loved ones over possessions or money.

9. You can be loyal to a fault. You recognize everyone has flaws and you try to see the beauty in people’s weaknesses over judging them. The problem lies when others don’t give you the same courtesy and you end up feeling bitter or resentful.

10. You have a strong sense of idealism but you’re not simply just another dreamer. You realize and understand your goals can have a lasting impact and so you take the necessary steps to make your dreams happen.

11. The true feeling of success to you is based on the condition of your relationships with others and your own level of accomplishment.

12. Your insight is one of your greatest assets and it regularly helps you solve problems. You notice the small details most people seem to overlook. By being able to find patterns and meanings in the world around you you’re able to look at a problem in a number of ways and generate various possibilities.

13. You find joy and fulfillment out of expressing yourself through the arts. You likely have a talent for language and writing. Self-expression helps you release everything that’s going on in your head. TC mark


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    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about identity. I am working on a few pieces on that topic that I’ll be posting soon. But I thought I would start off with this post- an accurate look at my personality type. One that I feel best describes me!!

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