Watch Liam Gallagher Play A New Song In An Irish Pub

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Liam Gallagher debuted a new song in Charlestown, Co Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland last weekend while he was visiting a pub.

The former frontman of Oasis joined a few local musicians and together the group played a short acoustic set.

In his new song Liam sang the lyrics Yes I know, I’ve been wrong/ Didn’t do what I was told/ Yes I know I’ve been wrong/ Didn’t do what I was told/ I ain’t looking for no 9-5/ Sick of wasting all my precious time/ Cos it’s alright /Cos it’s alright now”.

Although the new song doesn’t have a name yet, NME points out the song’s lyrics may be in reference to brother Noel Gallagher’s new solo album, Chasing Yesterday.

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