10 Emotionally Powerful Documentaries That Will Break Your Heart Before They Change The Way You Think

There’s nothing I love more than a powerful documentary to challenge my views and the way I look at the world. While there are many more films I could have listed, I chose 10 of my favorites that are both beautiful and devastating in their storytelling and cinematography. From God Grew Tired Of Us, the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, to Virguna, a film with incredible heart that looks at the war conflict in the Congo, these are all important stories that need to be heard. Many, if not all of these, can be found on Netflix or Youtube. Take a look at what’s on the list:

1. Virunga

“You must justify why you are on this earth – gorillas justify why I am here, they are my life. So if it is about dying, I will die for the gorillas.”

2. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

“The future of our planet is being destroyed by this industry.”

3. The Cove


“The thing that turned me around was the death of Flipper, of Cathy. She was really depressed. I could feel it. I could see it. And she committed suicide in my arms. That’s a very strong word, suicide. But you have to understand dolphins and other whales are not automatic air breathers, like we are. Every breath they take is a conscious effort. And so they can end their life whenever life becomes too unbearable by not taking the next breath. And it’s in that context I use the word suicide. She did that. She swam into my arms, looked me right in the eye, and took a breath… and didn’t take another one.”

4. Jesus Camp

“And while I’m on the subject, let me say something about Harry Potter. Warlocks are the enemies of God! And I don’t care what kind of hero they are, they’re an enemy of God and had it been in the Old Testament, Harry Potter would have been put to death!”

5. Marwencol

“I was like an elephant left in charge of the peanuts.”

6. Bully

“If we do it together we will change the world.”

7. Whore’s Glory

<h2>"We women are actually very unhappy creatures. It is very hard to survive as a woman. Why do women have to suffer this much? Isn't there another path for us? Is there a path at all? Who can truly answer this question?"</h2>

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<h3>8. Deliver Us From Evil</h3>

“Since 1950, sexual abuse has cost the church over one billion dollars in legal settlements and expenses.”

9. God Grew Tired Of Us

“I see things here different. Everybody is busy, time is money. How am I going to get friends?”

10. Out In The Night

“I was ashamed to tell my story… how I was raped and how I was abused because of how people would look at me. Me being nine years old, there was no way I could defend myself against this man. He ended up getting five years for it. Five years, and I get eight years.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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