Good News, Winos! Wine Is About To Be Hangover Free Thanks To An Awesome Scientific Breakthrough


I went through a big wine phase a few years ago. First I started with basic cheap table wine of only the loveliest flavors that the nearest gas station in college offered, slowly graduating into the big leagues with a more #refined palate, only to realize almost all wine taste similar regardless of the price, and regardless, it all leaves you with a shitty hangover. 

So I stopped drinking wine and moved onto bourbon and gin and IPAs, until recently, I basically stopped drinking altogether. But maybe now I’ll have a reason to drink again now that wine may be becoming virtually hangover free now. 

At the University of Illinois scientists have been busy trying to figure out how we can get drunk without the awful side effects. Applied and Environmental Microbiology recently published new research that indicates bioengineered yeast could be just what we need to drink and not wake up hating our lives the next day.

Scientists have developed a “genomed knife” that allows them to do “precise metabolic engineering of microbes,” including the strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that are used in the production of making our favorite fermented food and beverages like wine, beer, and cheese. With the genomed knife scientists are able to increase the fun parts of drinking wine, like the awesome health benefits, while eliminating some of the negative parts, like the excruciating hangover. 

Associate professor at the university, Yong-Su Jim, explains the polyploid strains of yeast regularly found in bread and alcoholic drinks are made up of complex genomes with multiple copies of each gene, making it more difficult to alter them. 

With the new enzyme tool scientists can increase the levels of resveratrol, the yummy antioxidant compound found in red wine that does tons of awesome things like help us stay looking young, preserve our memories, and even fight cancer (and zits).

Altering red wine to help us live our best life? Now that’s research I am ALL about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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