16 Struggles Only The Youngest Child In The Family Understands

  1. It doesn’t matter how old you get you’re *always* referred to as the baby.
  2. You could be seriously 30 years old and have your mom (and family) treat you the same as when you were in high school (or younger).
  3. You go home for the holidays and even basic stuff, like borrowing the car or staying up late, your mom reverts back into her old ways of bossing you around.
  4. You’ve spent most of your life living in the shadow of your older siblings.
  5. No one cared if you scored a major milestone as a kid because your parents were basically like, welp, seen that a few times around now.
  6. All those hand-me-downs still give you nightmares. *shudders*
  7. Or being referred to as “so and so’s younger brother/sister.”
  8. If your siblings were a lot older than you and successful you felt like you were expected to attain the same success they had at your age.
  9. Or if you have more than one older sibling you always feel left out when they talk about their early memories since you weren’t, ya know, ALIVE to be there.
  10. As a kid you were pretty much always struggling to feel included with them.
  11. They’ve always teased you mercilessly or joked about you being adopted.
  12. Since you’re always seen as the baby of the family, your parents treated you a bit different and because of that your older siblings NEVER let you forget you’ve received different treatment than them.
  13. They complain about how you always get off the hook, you have different rules than they did when they were your age, how your mom makes excuses for you when you do dumb stuff.
  14. Basically, they’re just pissed you’re the favorite child.
  15. You don’t blame them for being upset because, obviously, the youngest child is the best child.
  16. But you know if it weren’t for your older siblings you wouldn’t be half as awesome as you are now. They’ve taught you so much about life, you feel pretty grateful to have them around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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