13 Ways To Figure Out How The World Perceives You

“I must expand, live out, love, so as to evade obsession. I must think of others, spread out.” – Anaïs Nin

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1. Think about a few people you’ve spent the most time with in the past year. Write down your most memorable moments with them, both good or bad, and the impact you think it had on you (and them).

2. Ask someone the last time you made them laugh, the last time you were there for them, the last time you let them down, how you can be a better friend. Reflect on the answers later, alone.

3. Think about the times you sold yourself short, every opportunity you could of had but didn’t take or actively chose to not work on. Think about why you made those choices.

4. Consider opportunities that are coming up now and how you’re engaging (or limiting) yourself right now, every day, in the present.

5. Sign up to be the muse in a drawing class.

6. Or ask a young child in your family to draw you. Children sometimes pick up the most interesting (and hilarious) features of people.

7. Write a list of all the things that could make you a better person – a Spanish class, a hobby you’ve been wanting to start for a long time but haven’t done yet, a person you know is waiting for your forgiveness. Improvement comes to us in many levels. Think about the areas of your life seeking grace.

8. Then write a second list of all the things you’re doing right now you think already make you pretty great.

9. Think about the things you sense aren’t right in your life. All the situations or people you’ve been around lately you just know aren’t adding up. Take a moment to reflect on the way these experiences played out, how you could have done things differently, and how you can rid yourself of these things in the future.

10. Call your mom (or dad or sister or other person you consider family). Ask them how you’ve changed. Ask them to be honest.

11. Go through your texts, Facebook messages, the memories in your head. Look at the times you’ve made excuses to people for doing things that were inexcusable, times when you should have been there but you weren’t.

12. Study yourself in the mirror. Trace your finger along the lines and shapes that make up your physical parts.

13. Go on a road trip or on a walk downtown with your best friend or lover. Take pictures of each other. See how you capture each other through the lens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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