10 Kind Of Weird But Mostly Sweet Things Quiet People Do When Trying To Woo You


1. They smile at you. That’s all. They smile.

Smiles are safe. Everyone smiles! Smiling literally requires no talking. It is the easiest way for a quiet person to show you they’re interested. Whereas a smile from someone else would basically mean almost nothing, a smile from a quiet person basically means, “hi, I think you are cute. We should probably go on a date but I’m too shy to say something so I’m just going to smile at you and hope you get the hint! ok bye!”

2. They find completely miniscule reasons to connect with you.

Oh, you two have a mutual friend on Facebook? You both work at the same place and there’s some random thing that happened in the office? Quiet people will find any small reason to connect with you on the most meaningless topic just for the sake of having that moment with you. Do you think they really care about what you think about [insert mundane thing here]? No! They just want that extra minute, text, moment of interaction to give them little butterflies, and then to dissect said interaction with other friends for a good 20 minutes.

3. They show their fondness of you in strategic social media likes and favs.

No one wants to appear TOO interested. Quiet people aren’t the type to obsessively like every single post you do but they WILL strategically like and/or fav random social media updates. It’s one of the easiest ways to be like, “Oh hey, I see you, and what you’re saying/doing/looking like right now is totally working for me. We should probably make out sometime.”

4. Instead of talking to you, they just ask other people about you.

What’s even better than talking to someone you like? Talking to OTHER PEOPLE about the person you like! Instead of finding the courage to flirt with you or talk with you directly they’d rather find reasons to bring you up in conversation with your mutual acquaintances. They can ask questions and satisfy their curiosity about you without having to deal with the nerve racking moment of actually talking to you. They hope their curiosity will end up in a “Hey, such and such asked about you” that will then peak YOUR interest for them.

5. They might just happen to show up to an event they know you’ll be at.

Okay, so in most worlds this would probably considered stalking, right? Right. Well, let’s forget that for a moment. Quiet people aren’t trying to legit stalk you or be creepy buuuuut if they see you RSVP to an event on Facebook where a lot of people will be/there’s an actual chance you could show up and it would just be a coincidence and NOT weird you’re both there, they will go in hopes of seeing you there. And if they go and you don’t show ( because really, how often do we really attend all the things we RSVP to on FB), they will be so sad.

6. They’re strangely really considerate all of a sudden.

If you mention you need to run an errand or some other act that requires another person, quiet people are the first ones to be like, “oh hey, I can do it!” They mask their flirtation by doing favors. It’s like a passive aggressive way to be like “look at this nice thing I’m doing, so drinks this weekend? you and me? okay. let’s do that. I could be free.”

7. They act like nonchalant assholes sometimes.

When it comes to in person interaction they will totally freeze and forget how to be a normal human being. They might even act like huge jerks or like they aren’t interested. Then when you’re out of the scene they realize what happened and they’re like, wait, why did I just do that? Did I just give them a thumbs up when they left instead of hugging them goodbye? AHHHHHHHH.

8. They casually mention they’re going to an event they know you’ll like in hopes you’ll go with them.

If you mention you like X author, comedian, band, etc, a quiet person is basically going to Google that person up asap to see if any upcoming events are happening. Then, if an event IS coming up, they can casually be all like, “oh hey, did you know your favorite person ever is coming to town? I mean, I thought about getting tickets, but I’m not sure…”

9. They make just enough eye contact with you they hope you get it.

Quiet people are bad with words sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. So they use their body language to signify what they want in ways that aren’t TOO obvious. This is why things like eyes and smiles work so awesomely. They will stare at you and glance at you while silently thinking “you are so handsome/beautiful/omg I like you hi notice me please.” 4/10 quiet people say this works wonders in matters of dating! (I just made that up)

10. They have no problem flirting over text/online but act like a total weirdo IRL.

Welcome to every quiet person’s dilemma. They’re great at expressing themselves in ways that do not require them to actually admit their feelings out loud. Sending you songs with meaningful lyrics, sending flirty messages over Facebook or text messages – all of these are easy things for them. Then once they get into a room with you they’re likely to act pretty weird. Sorry, they can’t help it, they’re just romantically challenged. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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