Video: Semi Carrying 40,000 lbs. Of Fireworks Explodes In Fatal 100+ Car Pile-Up

More than 100 vehicles and 50 semis were involved in a crash this morning on I-94 in Kalamazoo County, Michigan killing at least one person. One of the semis involved in the crash carried 40,000 lbs of fireworks that ignited during the massive pile-up while another semi in the crash was hauling hazardous material.

Residents within a 3-mile radius of the crash site are being asked to evacuate their homes immediately. The area is expected to receive another 8-14 inches of snow tonight and police have shut down both directions of 1-94.

“I’m getting debris from the fire on my car. I can see the fire now from here. There’s fireworks going off,” said Heather Jackson, who was involved in the pile-up. “As I approached I realized that all the cars were stopped in front of me. I seen some in the ditch and I seen cars behind me coming at me at regular speed and I knew if I didn’t go into the ditch I was going to be hit.”

“He said they’re not going to be able to put out the fire. The fire is just going to have to continue until it’s done,” said Jackson after speaking with police. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Image – Mlive

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