10 Signs You’re Dating A Lumbersexual


1. His personal style is a mix of L.L. Bean, Patagonia, and Carhartt.

2. Hobbies include: writing #deep thoughts in a brown leather notebook or Moleskine, growing his own basil, putting flowers in his beard for kitschy Instagram photos, wearing a lot of flannel, using a circular saw.

3. His drink of choice is a neat glass of scotch or bourbon and never anything else.

4. He has a remote cabin in the woods he retreats to occasionally to ~think~ and write pensively in about his failed romances.

5. He likes to go hiking for days on end in the wilderness but only far enough so his iPhone still has signal.

6. He spends his Friday nights in the winter listening to Bon Iver next to a fire he built from the wood he chopped (or most likely bought from like, Costco) while his Labrador Retriever or Springer Spaniel sits next to him.

7. He’s Mr. Big on the streets and Aiden in the sheets.

8. His personal heroes probably include Ron Swanson, Chuck Norris, or any other hyper-masculine pop culture figure with a beard and woodsy tendencies.

9. He romanticizes stories like Into the Wild and his favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway, Bill Bryson, or any other male writer who waxes poetically about their travels.

10. He looks just rustic enough to come from a small town in Wisconsin but savvy enough to navigate the streets of any major city. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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