Every 90s Kid Can Rejoice: French Toast Crunch Is Making A Comeback

image - general mills
image – general mills

You guys, big things are happening.

First, on September 14th, 2014 the Gods of all things righteous decided to re-release the fever dream of my childhood – Surge.

Now, this month, 90s kids get another special sugary blast from the past. General Mills will be re-releasing French Toast Crunch.

French. Toast. Crunch.

Do you understand what THIS MEANS? We get to have those savory little maple flavored bits of awesomeness back in our lives. And in OUR HEARTS.

It’s coming back thanks to a truly awesome Facebook campaign by fans all around the world of the flavorful cereal. How cool is that? Can we hop on the Dunkaroos train next? Because I really really really loved those.

In the meantime I’ll be eating my French Toast Crunch while sippin’ on some Surge watching old eps of Clarissa Explains It All. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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