7 Times Being The Quiet Friend Actually Has Its Perks


People find it easier to approach you than others.

While quiet people can sometimes be mistaken for being aloof or unhappy their quiet nature actually makes them more approachable than others because they appear less intimidating.

People are more likely to feel comfortable around you than a dominant personality and will have an easier time expressing themselves and their ideas in your presence. This has its benefits in a variety of settings – at work, at parties, in stressful situations. People pick up on the vibe that you’re more likely to be thoughtful and considerate in your response and interactions.

People want to know more about you.

Even though it can feel like loud, extroverted people get all the attention you’re likely to be seen as more intriguing than the rest. There might be someone at the party telling stories and entertaining everyone but when you’re the quiet friend hanging out you’re the person people are like, “Damn. What’s that person’s story?” It’s amazing how not being overly talkative actually makes more people inclined to talk to you.

People turn to you to find out the things they might have missed out on in social situations.

Quiet people spend a lot of their time in large social interactions observing others. While others are doing all the talking you’re sitting there listening, taking it all in, and making small mental notes about the people around you.

This is great because later on when you’re reflecting on the night’s moments with your close friends you can reveal the little things you observed they probably didn’t even realize. While this is fun it can be exhausting when your friends know this trait about you and will try to suck you dry of information, particularly when it comes to interactions with the opposite sex.

You make other people feel special when you open up about how you feel.

Quiet people often keep a wall up about certain feelings or experiences they’ve had that have been impactful. Your friends are aware of your hesitation to talk about the issues close to your heart so when you share intimate details about yourself it can make the moment more meaningful.

You’re the person everyone in your friend group knows they can turn to for solid advice.

Quiet people excel at focused, purpose-driven conversations. While you might not be great talking in big group settings your friends know when it comes to serious issues they can call you up for a great phone session or get a cup of coffee with you and you’re going to give them objective, thoughtful advice.

You’re seen as naturally trustworthy and down to earth.

Your sensitivity shows through and people equate sensitive souls with being naturally loyal and good-hearted. Whether this is true or not with every naturally quiet person, it makes others feel more at ease when building strong bonds and relationships.

You’re more prepared to have serious conversations.

Things come up all the time between friends, significant others, and with family that need to be dealt with. Messy conversations need to happen in order to move on with certain aspects of life and this can be a stressful moment in any type of relationship. If the conversation happens spur of the moment things can be said in passion, without really thinking about it beforehand, creating unwanted and unnecessary heartache.

With their intuition and gut instinct quiet people are likely to already feel when an issue is brewing and think long before a conversation happens the things that need to be said and how they should be said. In essence, they’re more prepared for serious conversations because they’ve already thought out what they want to say and have considered the other person’s feelings and reactions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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