14 Signs You’re Actually In A Relationship With Taco Bell


1. You don’t have fever dreams about the hot person in your chemistry class or at the office. No, you have fever dreams about Baja Blast and having an endless supply of Dorito Locos Tacos.

2. You’ve already adopted Live Más as your one and only way of living. It probably seems extreme but if Charlotte could convert to Judaism for Harry in SATC, surely you can Live Más for T-Bell.

3. Your friends suggest going to Chipotle or Qdoba and you just shrug. I mean…sure, they’re cool and all, but it’s not bae.

4. You find Taco Bell’s little love notes all over the place. In your bed, the car, the kitchen. I guess you could say things are getting serious…


5. You find yourself trying to find Taco Bell’s location in the middle of the night. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE AND HOW YOU CAN GET THERE AS SOON AS HUMANELY POSSIBLE.

6. They come out with something new on the menu and it’s always affordable and insanely delicious. You didn’t even know you needed a Quesarito but that’s Taco Bell for you – they got that shit on lock. They always know what you need and what you want before you do. It’s like magic.

7. You think it’s kind of amusing when your significant other brings Taco Bell home to you. They don’t even know.

8. You felt slightly betrayed when Baja Blast started selling in stores. You thought this was something special. You thought you were the only one. Then they had to go and make this an OPEN RELATIONSHIP. Your heart = broken.

9. You smell a hint of cinnamon from the Cinnamon Twists you devoured earlier and you don’t even mind. All good lovers leave their scent behind.

10. The only place you want to be when you’re drunk is Taco Bell. Not your bed, not your friend’s house. No, just Taco Bell. They always know how to comfort you in your time of need.

11. Everytime you walk into Taco Bell the cashiers warmly greet you. Hell, they already know you by name. You’re pretty much like family now.

12. Your Spanish skills have increased dramatically since T-Bell has been in your life. Like all good partners they encourage you to be a better person, to seek new sights, and learn new things.

13. Anytime you have to move somewhere new you consider the proximity to the nearest Taco Bell. You just need to know you can get to bae as quickly as possible if the situation calls for it.

14. You honestly can’t even remember life before Taco Bell. Was there life before Taco Bell? You don’t want to know. You don’t want to go back to that dark and lonely time in life.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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